I have inferiority complex on my written communication

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by EnglishNotGood, Dec 4, 2015.

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    :hello: dear @EnglishNotGood
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    Super good thread. I enjoyed the contents of all FBs here. Not that I rejoiced in some one's plight. It was nostalgic for me when I struggled to learn and write in English in the yore of days.

    During reading english essays I remember days when dad insist that I read loudly. I remember words wrongly sounded while reading such as miskelyanoss ... (miscellaneous) that dad corrected my pronunciation.
    Once during local train journey I met this guy J who born with silver spoon in mouth. When train halted he entered the compartment almost dashed against me standing near entrance holding the roof - metal sliding hook. He smiled and wished me striking his palm over his right temple. When i enquired, "how are you?" He responded, " I is fine. How are you?"
    I took a while to respond and said " I is Fine".
    I could have responded "thanks. I am fine." But discretion taught me that the boy should not feel my English bad. So I responded in the same coin.
    Oh our Indian English Life is Like That! It is always English-Vinglish Sridevi or still better like Tamil super star Rajini Kanth, " I walk english. I sleep english. I run english. I eat english.
    Happy Golu navarathri to all Il'Ites.
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    Thank you Mr. T aka @Thyagarajan for unearthing another very interesting thread.

    "Thanks for coming" is so perfunctory.

    It is such a joy to hear something like "We are very happy to see you".

    It shows thought, appreciation, presence instead of throwing a few common phrases which lose meaning after repetition.
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