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I can only silently watch my Mahatma die

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by hasa, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. hasa

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    The question thrown at me was "Are Gandhian ways of protest outdated?" It solicited the most obvious answers; 'yes-outdated' and 'no-still relevant'. But I had a more pressing question to answer. When did I first meet Mahatma? Was it at a school function? A history lesson in class? A passing mention in a politicians campaign speech? Or did I question the identity of the bald man present on every currency I used to buy my chocolates? My memory fails me and like many others I don't remember my first meeting with Mahatma.
    [​IMG]But whichever way I met him; this man left a lasting impression. In my quest to know him better I found out that clad in a dhoti, with the support of a lathi and armed with truth and non-violence my Mahatma, 'Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi'; for official records had led our way through the dark forests of slavery.
    During my many more meetings with this man through 'his experiments with truth' and his journey 'from Gandhi to Mahatma', I realized that he was an apostle of truth, peace and non-violence.
    Today this most celebrated citizen of India suffers from an identity crisis. Do we remember the freedom fighter... the lawyer... Bapu... the nanga fakir... the mahatma...the philanthropist... the father of the nation? How do we recognize him? Or do we recognize him at all?
    While writing about Gandhi, I hate to lie. I have forgotten my Mahatma and his teachings. I vote for caste, kill for religion and worship fanatism. I create truths; structure lies and believes that the only way of survival is "an eye for an eye". I'm helpless. I can only silently watch my Mahatma die.
    Its not just his ways, I fear soon Gandhi will be ousted. Sponged off our present! What'll remain may be is his feeble presence in history.
    Gandhi's Gujarat burns in a communal fury, Jessica cries for justice, diplomats chalk out war plans, and soldier kills his fellowman. Morality is publicly raped and my nation weeps Gandhi's death in as many different ways.
    A candlelight protest to throw light on injustice... a hunger strike to save hundreds of lives ... I resurrect from my Mahatma's ashes... the phoenix of a nation on the rise!

  2. Sriniketan

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    Very nicely poured out your feelings on this subject, hasa, which we keep asking everyday.
    I second your thoughts on this.

  3. Blondie

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    dear Hasa,

    do not depair.....

    just like yoga, gandhism will also be the in thing within india & Indians when rediscovered by the west. Gandhi's principles of civil disobedience, showing the other cheek, satyagraha, be the change that you wnat to see etc, etc have some ardent followers in the west and slowly catching momentum. So it will make its way to the continent from which it originated.

    Gujarat is a totally different equation. Please familiarise with gujarat (junagadh) before during and after partition to get a real idea. A lot of Southerners do not have any idea what the bordering states faced, being safely ensconced in the relatively peaceful sothern areas. Sindh was literally demolished, Punjab torn into two, gujarath was on the verge of being stolen. Gandhi did not live long enough to see the plight of the displaced ON BOTH SIDES to may be regret his choices.
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