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I Can’t Imagine The Health Problems Go Through

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by SuiDhaaga, Jun 9, 2022.

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    Then we all have the nerve to be unhappy and ungrateful

    my ex was abusive DURING INTIMACY, taunting that I don’t have power in my legs (he Bp visited prostitutes that he was comparing me with who had lot of practice with different customers) .

    Didnt this fool think that maybe God will make him crippled and he cannot use his legs.

    Or is this normal behavior for Indian males. Some relatives told me I should strengthen my legs. And American lawyer horrified when she heard about this behavior

    Then again, during the Delhi rape case, the politicians were sympathetic to the monsters who destroyed a beautiful life.

    Please enlighten me.

    How can anyone be so nasty to another human being and not realize at the next second Gid can punish them so horribly?

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