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i bet with my moustache......

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    I bet with my moustache:
    I had come back to my mother’s place for the first time after my marriage, and was very apprehensive and sensitive about my husband’s moods. Ran up to my room to see how it felt like, wanted to just remove the amour of married woman and jump back into the spinsterhood, and think of all the freedom I had, and now how many changes I had to face. Just curled up on the well made bed for a few minutes, then came down to see what was getting ready in the kitchen for our first visit…my husband was busy with my father and as usual my papu chithappa was busy putting the gravy with onions and garlic and the aroma was getting heady, I panicked and told him my husband and his people never take garlic or onion, oh! Chithappa what have u done, for this he fondly caressed his moustache his favourite expression when in great confidence, he said, I bet this half of my moustache and will remove if your husband does not lick this kofta and take many helpings, so I couldn’t help much there ran back to see what all was laid on the table, whether other alternatives were there, if he did not like the kofta, and I saw nice dhall bihariwala chef mondal’s favourite, and cucumber salad in yoghurt we had enough pickles on the table as my mother was an exponent and dad her great fan for all her varities , though my great man loved only lemon and nothing more, very strict in his likes and dislikes, now the moment was nearing and all the phulkas were getting ready,In my father’s place they were never made earlier, only after you are seated one by one is put on the tawa and you get hot ones served immediately by mondal’s nephew bheru who will bring and serve all one by one..
    My husband, dad, got ready to eat. My mom Chithappa and me planned to eat later..so they started serving and my husband kept asking what this was and so on, and helped himself to dhall and kofta and salad… I kept looking at Chithappa but to my amazement he had several helpings of the kofta and was all praise for my uncle, and my uncle just ran his fingers over his moustache and I had to smile all the way in sly….this was our language….sunkan
    we see a lot of people betting their hair, name, moustache and so on...got reminded of this ..open to comments...

  2. sathya

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    hello akka

    ithaiyum best post nu
    niraya per select pannuvaargal
    paathi meesaiye bet...

    (ya a lot many ilites will
    vote this post as the best...
    bet you half a mustache..
    aha escaped being a...!!)

    aha thappithu kondena?


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