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I admire Hrithik Roshan because...

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by winpie, May 20, 2009.

  1. winpie

    winpie Silver IL'ite

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    I say I admire Hrithik and the instant gleam in your eyes says "OMG, what a hunk!!!!!!"

    Hunk - yes, but that is not why I admire him. Most stars go through a period of breaking their heads on the Box-Office-wall and it is termed as 'struggle'. I admire the determination that keeps them in this field for years working towards the goal of stardom.

    But what I admire about Hrithik is what came before all this.

    Hrithik was born with an extra thumb. Knowing how innocently cruel children can be, I can imagine what it must have done to his psyche as a child. His debilitating stammer - in all probability caused by his 'defect' and the feeling of abnormality he had, is another hurdle he has faced successfully.

    At age 21 he was diagnosed with 'scoliosis' - an abnormal curvature of the spine and told he would never be able to dance and do stunts and therefore not become an actor. Looking at his special dancing style and the aplomb with which he has done stunts one can not reconcile the diagnosis with the reality today.

    If one needs an example of succeeding against all odds - succeeding not as in becoming a star but on a more personal front of conquering negatives - then Hrithik is a prime one.

    Last but not least - after he became a star in a profession that adores looks and perfect bodies he has chosen not to surgically remove his extra thumb. That speaks of a mature character, totally comfortable even with his 'defects'.

    And that is what I admire about Hrithik.

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  2. Deepali_deepali

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    Dear Winpie,

    Never knew these facts about Hrithik. Thanks for sharing and undoubtedly he is a person who deserves admiration.. Good post.

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