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Husband I Dream Of - or better yet, Adventures in Matrimonial Correspondence

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by zipzipzoomzoom, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. zipzipzoomzoom

    zipzipzoomzoom Gold IL'ite

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    The Bible says,

    There was one matrimonial match that I was being pulled towards and I was so attracted to, but when he spoke to my elders over the phone, he seemed to be very Intelligent (good quality), yet very inconsiderate towards others (bad quality).

    I have been telling myself to give this guy the benefit of the doubt because we haven't met yet and who knows how a person is over the phone, and what if he treats you like a Queen. Even those same elders are telling me that if I like him, and I am being "pulled" towards him, I should meet him in person before making final decision.

    I mean, we should all think positive and pray to God that he does the best for us.

    Now, this morning, something beautiful happened. Another matrimonial match that we are looking into gave a call. And now, for some strange feeling I am feeling happy, and light as a feather. And, I came across this picture:

    View attachment 163555

    I think we are all looking for a perfect match.

    I would like a Husband that treats me like a Wife and the Mother of our Dear Children. Also, I would like my Husband to give encouragement to pursue other dreams, such as further education, perhaps writing novels, etc, etc.

    It seems from the first guy, the one who my elder said was Intelligent, yet seemed Inconsiderate on the phone may treat me like a Queen, and respect me as a Wife, and Mother of our dear children. But I'm not sure about whether he will encourage me to pursue other dreams. For that, I may have to be especially cheerful and flirtatious in order for him to bend to my side.

    Now the second guy who called this morning, somehow, at least on face value, I get a feeling he will treat me like a Queen, respect me as his Wife and Mother of our Dear Children, and will also be my Best Friend Forever, also known as BFF. And certainly a BFF will not only encourage, but he may also help. Who knows, perhaps we can write a best selling novel together that becomes a series on HBO, or some premium channel!!!!

    I know, you're gonna tell me not to get excited too soon, but I remember LAW OF INTENTIONS and LAW OF ATTRACTION.

    Lets concentrate on how we want to feel and experience that feeling right now. I believe God will provide us the right circumstances and people to fulfill our thoughts and feelings, which are really, our prayers to God.

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