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human relationship at what cost...

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Human relationship at what cost:
    Even after specifying that we belong to a particular community, daily I have to delete a lot of proposals which I can do with out, then why in the first place ask about what are your choice kindly fill in the form,

    Each morning there are so many of the other community rather than ours, it looks like they have started to work for the secular India with full force, and most of the papers who bring out these ads are always emphasizing that the girl should be professionally qualified, and most US people think world class beauty for a wife, sometimes the wait so long but boy turns 40 still we r searching for beautiful girls, by the time the girl could come the great pate of a man has shown up in excess. He has developed a wonderful paunch, and his shoulders are no more filled but a hunch has developed.

    Now take the advertisement 90% of them are asking for professionally qualified, very fair, slim well employed, when u put in so many conditions, why would a woman who is well employed going to take up a man, she could be happy with her earning, and live the way she wants, putting career in the high list with car and home, when all these are accomplished why do they want a man with preconditions.

    Men in general I have come across love their woman to be chubby in the bed but slim on the outing, very tough, even if the man were to be very happy with her being chubby it is the relatives and the public who see her outside especially in a eating place keep addressing as moti, [fatty] drooling over her boobs, making the man feel, no more outing we will home deliver the products.

    It is the parent who is more emphasizing what kind of bahu they want, always looking for something to show off in the society, they are not seeking for a nice girl, who would adjust or care for them, with all these preconditions where are you going to get a girl, who will be docile at the same time, think whatever you dish out in the name of a in law to be right.

    Now let us see the girls side, a highly educated girl seeks for more highly educated guy, well placed, if her salary is 50,000 then he must be earning in lakhs, all these requests are going to dwindle the population in the long run.

    Girls nowadays want babies but not the man, it has become too tantramatic to put up with the moods of men in general. Once the wedding over, a few days of honey moon in a great place or sometime go without that as the office has so many targets to be met and you are back to work, initially it is all fine, later she is subjected to his various moods if she opts to stay at home, otherwise both do not have time for each other, leave alone a wonderful dinner, no breakfast, as the timing are so different, Australian timing, American timing and so many other countries to which your company is contributing, so they leave the house by morning 3 30 a.m. hurry burry finish his lunch pack at that time as he loves her to do something nice to eat by 8 a.m.

    She goes back to sleep wakes up disturbed by the milk man and then the servant and so on, again goes back to sleep, to get up by 12 or 1 p.m start making lunch for him, have bath wait for him if he has to be picked up from a particular point as the company car can drop only at a point, she picks him up eats her lunch along which is around 3p.m and sleeps along with his timing to get up only by 5 then make the tea, and so on. Very tiring indeed, even if she is not working her schedule is so upset and his timing is going haywire where is the time to plan for a baby. Parents keep juggling for the news..

    Life with so much in demand for the human energy, he loses his own family life,
    Where money and ego play a great role, love flies out, it is not the poverty that will make it fly, but the present condition of mind and style of living throws everything out of gear.
    Brings in only more and more irritation, aggravation. You constantly need a young relative around to go get many things for which the husband is not available, shopping for the monthly, in case of emergency some milk and so on…vegetables…and ..and..
    As the man in demand is too tired always…..regards sunkan
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  2. BhargaviChakravarthy

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    Nice writing sunkan.well said.
    I will sometimes think whether men are searching for a good wife or a candidate for a fashion show or a meritorious candidate placed in top MNC.The same holds good with women too.In the graph of expectations vs peace of mind as expectations grew more and more,peace of mind in the graph declines as days are rolling by.
  3. sindmani

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    Hectic lifestyle is true when both r working

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