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How To Shop During Thanksgiving Sale With Toddler

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by sumalynux, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. sumalynux

    sumalynux IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi All

    This is My first Thanksgiving sale..

    I have a toddler how to manage evening or night shopping.. Is it all lot of que n rush everywhere...Does sale and discount last only thur evening and night.. Will all good ones be gone by Friday morning:coldsweat:

    Can you please suggest basic things to survive winter(In Albany Newyork.. heard severe winter and snowing)

    Currently i got thermal inner and wollen sweater. Confused about what kind of boots and jacket needed.. (would appreciate if anyone can give link to that)
    What else i need apart from thermal inner sweater jacket n boots for outdoors.. what would my little one need (1.4yrs)

    Ps: we came just 1 month back n here on short term work.. mostly wont stay for next winter.. so can't afford too costly ones

    Most of time am indoor.. my outings would be mostly Walmart bjs target Indian stores temple sort.. Just getting out of car n going to the destination... So kindly suggest accordingly what would be sufficient..
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2016
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  2. deepthivinayak1

    deepthivinayak1 Gold IL'ite

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    Past few years, most of the thanksgiving sales are sold online one day before. Only few electronic items need to be in stores. From Wednesday early morning start checking all store website. I mostly do online shopping and also on thanksgiving day, I will send my hubby to store to buy few left outs and stay home,will check Amazon for lightening deals online to order. My son will stay in home with me. Next day morning, we all will go to mall, to purchase clothings. ( mall will be overly crowded, have to be conscious with kids) .
    You can check few website like Hip2Save.com, slickdeals.com from Wednesday where they start posting when store sale starts and what deal is good. It will be helpful a lot.
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  3. hermitcrab

    hermitcrab Platinum IL'ite

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    So that I do not over spend, I make a list of what I want- for myself, family and gifts for India. And then, with that list I shop.
    Doorbuster in electronics, used to good - like first 10, people still line up outside Bestbuy, but not sure if it worth it.
    Cloths, jackets, sweaters are definitely worth it.
    Buy gifts for India, like watches, perfume etc
    Electronics buy online or in store.
    Buy house stuff like- washing machines etc, though they are also available at other times

    Do not break your bank :) but enjoy your thanksgiving.
    I am planning to shop less, eat less and be outside walking more!
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