How To Reflect In Resume Management Skills You Learned In Life, Plus Professionals Offering You Job

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    I am applying to job that is part of Management it is telecommuting eligible (which gives me time to be around people my age)

    While I do not have degree or certification in this field, it is a skill I acquired for the past several years due to circumstances beyond my control.

    Few professionals i interfaced with even offered me job. One even asked if I wanted to teach at University level.

    How do I reflect this in resume?

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    Given your questions related to updating resume, you may want to look into professional resume writing services. The $150 - $350 that they charge for resume plus LinkedIn profile creation/ update is well worth it. When you have to only free-write all your accomplishments in a Google Doc or answer their questionnaire, and do not have to yourself convert all that text into resume worthy text, it is a huge relief. They will also help with situations like yours: have acquired a skill but no formal certification.

    Try to look for resume service providers that are a single-owner business. I found they have a faster response time and a more personal approach right from the response to the initial email.

    A few people in my friend circle have used Employment in Recovery. I don't know why it is called that though it is mainly a regular resume writing service. Her rates are reasonable and she is professional throughout the process. In particular, I liked her About page.

    I am usually hesitant about recommending things like this but couple of years ago I found it quite hard to sift and sort through all the providers that show up in a google search, so hoping to save others some time. Of course, the best source of referrals are people who work in your area of expertise. Alternately, send emails to a few providers that have good reviews and choose one based on their responses. I automatically reject the ones with canned responses to my initial email. : )

    Good Luck.
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