how to reduce back pain during pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by harinideep, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Hi ,
    I am 18 weeks pregnant... I am feeling severe back ache since last one month ... Prior to that , back pain was there but it was not so intense..
    Right now , my back pain is such that I am not able to sleep at night sometimes.. Also some days , I feel some stiffening near spine .. During that time , I am not able to bend and even walking movements are restricted .. I am able to only walk slowly during that time..
    I apply sumo gel in area.. It just relieves pain for half an hour..
    Is there any remedy that any of you tried and worked out

    I am taking vit d tablet once a week for vit d deficiency .. Also I am sitting under sun for 30 mins for sun exposure. Which time is best for ( getting sun exposure) getting maximum vitamin D..

    Also I am doubtful whethere this back ache is just a pregnancy symptom or the stiffening of back is some other symptom of some disease...

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    Try applying a heat pack or heat gels which you can wrap around your waist. They are completely safe during pregnancy, according to my doctor that is. Just remember not to sleep through the night wearing it, just during the day. It really does help.

    I would also get a good back massage done, that will really help too. Try yoga or aerobics exercise, which will loosen up your stiff muscles. Keep the exercise routine regular, that will help you during the labor process tremendously.


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