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How to recognize an NRI in India

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Reenae, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Reenae

    Reenae Bronze IL'ite

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    <SMALL>Top Ten Ways to Recognize an NRI</SMALL>

    <SMALL>From: Krishna Prasad (Prasad@biologysx.lan.nrc.ca) </SMALL>
    <SMALL>(May not apply towards NRIs returning from Gulf) </SMALL>
    <SMALL>10. One who requests the autorickshaw driver to drive slowly and clutches the seat-cushion nervously. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>9. One who just bought a case of Bisleri mineral water. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>8. One who gets upset if the train is only six hours behind schedule. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>7. One who is nervously gazing at the Green channel at the Customs clearance of airport. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>6. One who prefers eating fruits to Poori at the train stations. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>5. Basically, any man who is changing a baby's diaper. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>4. One who does not wait, for the coolie at the train station, and hauls his/her own 30" suitcase. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>3. One who feels embarassed to run after the railway conductor, for reservation. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>2. One who says, "say cheese" when taking a picture. </SMALL>
    <SMALL>1. One who has gained more FREQUENT FLYER mileage from trips to the toilet.</SMALL>

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