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How to naturally manage sugar cravings during pregnancy??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by jananiojas, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. jananiojas

    jananiojas New IL'ite

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    :coffeeSugar cravings are very common for pregnant women. Excessive consumption of sugar filled foods to meet the sugar cravings can cause gestational diabetes, excessive weight gain, which might lead to unnecessary complications.

    But smart consumption of certain foods can naturally help in managing sugar cravings and bring them under control.

    Let us see some of the natural methods:

    • Go on naturally: consume natural sweet foods like carrots, beets, low fat milk, low fat yoghurt and American Sweet Corn and avoid artificial sweeteners, cakes, cream, paneer, high calorie chocolates and pastries as these contain loads of sugar.

    • Deal it simple: consume complex carbohydrates which are like ragi, oats, wheat, porridges with low fat milk, slowly breaks down and provide you with constant energy by keeping your sugar levels in balance.:hide:

    • Fruity sugary: fruits are a good snack to avoid sugar cravings. Fruits such as pomegranate, oranges, apples, guava, seedless grapes, pears, melons in small portions with little bit of sprinkled salt helps. If sugar is supplied in natural forms, body doesn’t ask for more and give you cravings. But fruits such as custard apple, mangoes could be too sugary (so consume little)

    • Milky way: milk is the natural source of sweet taste. Milk and few dates give you that sweety flavor and leave you satiated. Low fat yoghurt with seasoned fruit chunks is a yummy sweet provider.:coffee

    • Drink: keep yourself hydrated with water frequently so that you distinguish between real hunger and thirst.

    • Go green: salads with a combo of carrot, corns, tomatoes, onion, cucumber keeps your taste buds satiated and balanced.

    • No to artificial drinks: just cross your head and hand ‘No’ to artificial drinks. As these may instantly load you with sugar and more calories, but quickly leave you back with cravings.:rant

    • Yoga: specific Asanas helps in maintaining sugar levels, so if you experience sugar cravings, deal it internally and restore balance.:bowdown

    • Deep breathing: stress sometimes affects the biochemical process leading to changes in the body. So take deep breath, relax and deal it sweet to regulate your body.

    SWEET PREGNANCY MOMS!!!:thumbsup

  2. Yashikushi

    Yashikushi Moderator IL Hall of Fame

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    Nothing can alternate sugar,but for the sake of avoiding gestational diabetic, can skip and adopt some substitution.
    If in need a little sweet, add a small amount (1 teaspoon) of 100% cane sugar or honey. Your liver and baby will thank you.


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