How to manage not wanting a promotion?

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by nitu, Jul 31, 2005.

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    The company that I work - with good intentions - wants me to be ambitious, work long and hard and be focussed about moving up. But, the problem is...I don't want to. I don't want to be promoted.

    I have a job - and a life - that I like. The next promotion brings with it a lot of responsibilities, tensions and heart burns that managing work and family (with my kid) would become an uphill task. I would fall short on both counts and be aplogizing to both my family and to my boss.

    I am worried that any attempt on my part to show that I am not interested in a promotion would be construed as if I am complacent or not having drive. Have anyone in this type of situation before? Am I unique in being content in staying where I am?


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    I am sort of in the same situation. My boss has tried to push me to expand my horizons, but I am perfectly happy doing what I am, because if I take up more responsibilty I have to give up precious time with the kids.
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    Same here!

    Me too in the same situation. I am planning for a kid, so I don't want to get into higher positions that brings more responsibility. I am happy with present job and to my knowledge I give my best in fulfilling the responsibilities in my present job.

    I would decide to quit or extend my leave without pay, once I get into the family way and deliver a baby.

    I can't be explaining this to my boss (who is a male!) and I indirectly conveyed that I'm not interested in any promotion or added responsibilities at present. But he seems to think that I'm not willing to take more responsibilities, not interested in stretching to perform more and keeps telling me organization expects more!

    That's what any organization or management would expect from an employee - to perform more - so it's a kind of difficult to handle :bang
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    Career development at the same level

    I work in HR and often have women come to me with similar situations. One thing had helps or hinders this situation is the organizational climate, whether or not it supports working mothers.. some organizations are very considerate and try to provide employees with opportunities that challenge them professionally at the given level without having them opt for a promotion. However, when that is not the case, the best option is to have an open conversation with your boss and your HR person ( if applicable) and talk about the goals and aspirations you have in the organization. From the company's standpoint it is not beneficial to just pay a warm body for showing up every day.. however, if you can show them with results that you are able to consistently meet and exceed expectations at your current level and are a valuable contributor, it provides and incentive for your boss to support your decision.
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    Dont be hasty, Nitu!

    What you have stated is a classical dilemma faced by all people especially by women who have to juggle their family responsibilities and career goals. I am a chartered accountant and I represented Indai's No.1 HR company for 2 years. My advice is this: Don't hurry up things. Dont act on any pre-conception. I suggest you talk with your boss or HR guy and find out what will be the new role and compare it with your old role. It may happen that with your promotion your work may become lighter in terms of time and harder in terms of the quality of work it demands. Preferably talk to the person who is currently holding the position to which you will be promoted. Ask him/her about the job and the responsibilities.
    If you what you are to be promoted to and what you are doing are radically different, then the best course is to take a standard psychometric test to find out whether you will be suitable for the job.
    I have found many people who become contented with what they do and refuse to move up. At times you take a lot of risk by adamantly sticking on to your current position.
    Take your own time Nitu. Discuss with your husband, friends and as many people as possible. But when it comes to the final decision, only you should do it. Don't let others decide for you.
    Wish you all the best,
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    Difficult decison to make!


    It's long time since you posted the message...but Varalotti's reply made me read the entire thread only now and I am just sharing your thoughts. May be you already decided about it. So, did you take the promotion or are you staying in your existing position? Just share it with us and tell us how you decided.

    But, your situation is not unique. As Varalotti as mentioned, many women especially face this situation and all said and done it is a difficult decision to make! Sometimes we decide to take up the higher position and responsibilities and then repend because of not being able to balance between life and added responsibilities at work.
    Sometimes, without taking the promotion too we repend - if someone in our level or just slightly below our level takes it and we get to report to them! Ego gets hurt inspite of we deciding it! Otherwise, we get screwed that we wanted to stick to the existing position, management or organization thinks we are very content and no drive, etc.
    As Pritha mentioned it is good to talk to your boss, explain your situation and dilemma and get some help! It is important to speak to your husband and family to know whether you get some extra support at home if you go with higher responsibilities at home!

    One thing is for sure - you definitely need support at home to perform at office and balance both home and work life.

    All the very Best!

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