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How to Manage alone when husband is on a trip

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by Aniyaa, Jun 28, 2007.

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    This is not only problem for female, we are male too having such problems. Guys like me who are all staying out of country for job will face lot of problems. First time when i comes out from home i had discussed with my neibhour he advised me to carry books. reading will relax our mind a lot. After few months later i felt that also boring, I was tempted to learn photography i brought cam and surff in the net and start learning for the past years i took so many pictures with different combination. during summer we can't go out because of too much hot weather so i desided to learn something which will be useful for my family and it should be inside the 4 wall. so i desided to learn sewing i start surff in the net and brought a sewing machine now i will be able to make perfect chutidhar and now i learned a little in embroydering makeing new designs and calibrate my self as professional it is a great challange. Now i am learning learning a lot at the same time i am making my family happy. Now my wife and daughter is so happy of wearing a garment which is made by husband / father.

    I suggest you to learn something which will be good to your family. We have to learn a lot in our life let us start learn something....
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    Dear Op,

    Dont think much about it, spend your time happily with your parents and friends, please do think about the expatriates who leave their wives for quite a long time may be 2-3 years for the betterment of their life, how will they adjust so try to adjust this is life dear

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