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How To Handle These Kind Of Behavior?

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by deepideepi, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. deepideepi

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    Its been two years my FIL passed away. He was retired government officer and he was getting sufficient amount of pension for two of them (FIL & MIL) for day to day activities. But when they were in need of bulk amount they were dependent on my husband. My husband is only son.
    My husband requested many time but FIL didn't took any money for monthly expenses. He always said that he has enough pension.
    He passed away because of cancer and now half of his pension goes to MIL.
    My mil (72 years old, not educated) in other hand has very loose hand on money. Although it is half it is sufficient for her. She is living with us so no household expenses. Her almerah is always full with new saree gifted by daughters and us. All travelling expenses and medicine are also paid by us. Though she is always sort on money. She don't tell us but ask loan from other daughters and give to the youngest daughter. Who has financial problem.
    Even she is taking the rent from our new house in our native place (my husband purchase house on her name and asked her to take rent to assure her for her financial independence) that we bought recently on loan which we are paying montly.

    Now the problem is she doesn't share what is going on in her life. We suspect that she is giving money to my youngest SIL. She frequently gift her and send money too. My other SIL too send her money. Few months back we send money to SIL to pay their hefty hospital bill. Now again she is coming from our native to here for consulting doctor fromm 2000km because of Mil. During covid pandemic. Ticket are also booked by us. I don't know who is going to spend on medical expenses as mil says they don't have money. What to do? It isn't possible to do everything..

  2. messedup

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    Either you can save the money or the relationship. No one will praise you for what you do but if you will try to avoid anything they will always treat you as the unacceptable person.
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