how to get a job in UK/USA from india?

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by vijayals, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Hi All,
    Very gud mrng!
    I have many questions reg the work.
    Can I get a job in UK/USA from india? which career portals or consultancies are the best ones ? Is it possible to get jobs in companies who will process visa and bear air fare from their side? I have done PG in IT Which companies I should look for and how?

    Kindly drop your suggestion/experience,as it will be helpful to me to a great extent !!!
    Thanks in advance!

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    I am replying to give you info about US. I do not know about UK jobs much.

    If only applying and getting jobs were easy for non-citizens in US:)...

    It is pretty hard to get jobs in US through consultancies now. Many of their visa applications get rejected. Depending on your education/work ex you could try uploading your CV in job portals like and for U.S jobs. Alternately, you could try for onsite oppurtunities from companies in India too.
    I do not have any info on consultancies. You could try browsing the H1b forums of this website. You may find some info there.

    I think for UK you will need to apply for HSMP visa. Check the pre requisites for it(I dont think you need a job forst unlike US visa). then, you could go to UK and search jobs once your visa is approved.

    Good Luck.

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