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How to forgive my spouse and move on

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by kavya007, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. kavya007

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    hi Shobana,

    Glad to know that you are finding meditation useful. I am planning to attend the art of living program this winter break. Which meditation system are you practicing.


  2. SoaringSpirit

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    Hi Kavya,

    So happy to see you happy! J

    You are making great strides. Keep at it. It is a daily process to keep focused on the end goal and to brush negativity aside as soon as it creeps in. You are doing great! You have even started doing some of the things that you like. Excellent. You are on the right track. There’s no way you will not succeed!

    Be prepared to enjoy all the great things life has in store for you next year! You will be surprised how dramatically happy and positive this coming year is going to be..

    I thought point 5 in your post was very valid and quite true. Good thing you shared it with us here.

    Thanks for the nice words for me. I am glad that I could help you - I really am. Sometimes we try so hard to help someone but somehow we are not able to succeed and we keep thinking “what else can I do to help this person?” I think the biggest reward is to know that your help really helped! Thanks to you for giving me that satisfaction!

    Pragna, Shobana, I understand your issues. Do take charge of the situation. Ultimately the only things that we have complete control over is ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. Exercise this control to the fullest to make your life as per your expectations. Wish you the best.


    [From kavya007]


    Thank you very much for your kind advice. Over the past few days I have been feeling much better. I made some very good friends through this thread who have been very supportive. I realized that my situation and my feelings are not unique. I just wanted to share with you the strategies I am using in beating my depression. I am hoping that it might help someone out there who is suffering just like me.

    1) I followed the bullet wise workout plan that SS (soaring spirit) suggested. When we write down our feelings we get such clarity in our thoughts and actions. If any of you are going through a similar situation I would strongly advise you to take a print out of the workout plan and write down you feelings. (Thanks so much SS for being such a great friend :cheers )

    2) I am making an attempt to do regular physical exercise. Whenever I find time I walk 2 miles in a beautiful park very near to my house. I try to do it regularly during the weekends.

    3) Anytime I slip into negativity I try to be aware of my body sensations. And I keep repeating to myself that "forgiveness is for me and not for them". I think soaring spirit has written a very beautiful post on forgiveness. That email is like a bible to me. I have a printout of the email and I keep reading it very often.

    4) I realized that when you are in depression you need to have a very specific routine and you need to WRITE it down. I used this activity planner from webmd. Depression Recovery: Information on Planning Your Day

    5) When you are depressed it is better to avoid reading any kind overly negative news articles and joining any kind of depression mailing lists. Though these mailing lists are for a good purpose when you are depress
    sed you are not mentally fit to give advice to other people.

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