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How to do Advanced Search in Forums?

Discussion in 'Site Help & FAQs' started by archana.kc, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. archana.kc

    archana.kc Gold IL'ite

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    Re: Third Thread - Chitvish Recipes - Post your Comments here

    Hi Brinda,

    I take the opportunity to answer your query and a lot of other's query on searching for a recipe, only upon Chitvish permission. I am not sure if you all use the "Advanced Search" features of IL. Let me show a small demo here.

    For all recipes from Ask Chitvish using a ingredient, in this case - condensed milk ( Normally none of Chitvish recipes carry a brand name, in order to avoid confusions - it only carries the product,ie the ingredient's name).

    To search for all recipes using condensed milk:

    1. Search in "I love Sweets" and "Elegant Desserts for Perfect Indulgence" Thread.

    2. In "I love Sweets" - Click on "Search this thread" in the menu bar. Select Advanced Search

    3. Type the words "condensed milk" in the key terms, and the user name as "Chitvish". Check the box that says exact user name. This step is very useful to get the relevant recipes. Do give the right poster's name, as it may also throw FB's that may contain the word condensed milk if not specified.
    screenshot one.jpg

    4. The results shall be as follows.


    You may also find some in the Chocolasia thread too :)

    Trust it was of help. CV asked me to do this, so that anyone who has a specific ingredient can search at ease in the huge database!


    Note Added: Follow the same procedure to do advanced search for any keyword in any forum /sub-forum for any particular user's thread / posts.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 19, 2009

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