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How These Incredible Working From Home Ideas Helped Me Succeed

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Vaniquest, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Vaniquest

    Vaniquest Silver IL'ite

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    Can I work from home and make a living?

    It is probably one of the most asked questions under this section of forum. When a woman gets married, work becomes a pain point.

    Wouldn’t it be good to quit our 9-6 job, and work from home so we can take care of our kids, so we can move along with our husband if he gets work transfer?

    What if say, if that work from home doesn’t have to boring like filling endless surveys and forms? What if say you can earn income for the things you love to do the most each day ? That could be cooking your awesome recipe, flaunting your home decorations or doing that heck of a craft work that you alone in the world know.

    These all are possible.

    Who Am I To Talk About This?
    Before let me explain this way of living, I want to introduce me. I am Vani. I resigned my well-paying IT work exactly a year back due to problems with child care and husband work transfer.

    I wanted to do something from home. I read lots of materials related to it. That’s how everything began. I learnt that I can earn income by running websites/blogs.

    I had no idea where to begin. But there are plenty of websites which teaches everything you need to begin this career from home. It took three months to earn 6K for me.

    In the initial days, I doubted whether this is really true. But after more than a year, I earn handsome amount now from the comfort of home. And I love every bit of it.

    What are the ways to earn income from home?
    Let me explain the idea. If you are genuinely looking for ways to earn income, please give it a try. You won’t regret. However, these are just ideas.

    In order to make these ideas work for you, you need to invest plenty of your hours to understand everything from scratch. You need to be patient till your business picks up.

    I worked day and night for the first three months before I made a penny. It is a rough ride, but definably worth it. It is lot better than filling useless surveys and wasting your life.

    I hope you might have heard about blogs. Many might be interested to read your favourite cooking blogs, makeup blogs whenever you are free.

    You can blog about things which you are passionate about and earn a decent income from home. For instance, if you are talented in cooking, or beauty, or fashion, or home décor, or anything else for that matter, and if you know how to teach it to others by writing down, then you can make blogging as your career.

    Check out few of your favourite bloggers and get an idea on what you can write on the chosen niche.

    You might wonder how you can earn income via blogging. In your blogs are successful, you can sell your blog space to advertising companies who will display a relevant advertisement related to your writing.

    Google ads is the most popular ad agency. You might have seen google ads on most of the blogs you visit online.

    For instance, if you have a cooking blog, then the ad agency will display an ad related to cooking (Cooking utensils, Cooking ingredients, Cookbooks, Cooking classes etc). So if someone reads your blog and happens to click those ads, you earn a commission. If your blog is liked by plenty of people and attracts huge traffic, you can earn very good amount. This is the most basic way of earning income via blogs.

    Another popular way of earning is Affiliate marketing.

    Suppose say you write an article about how to make a yummy cake in a microwave oven in 2-minutes, people will be curious to learn this from you. If you teach them an innovative idea, they would love to try that by themselves.

    In that case, you can also refer the microwave oven you used to make the cake. If the people buy the same oven by clicking the link you referred them, you get a commission for every purchase.

    Are you worried that you don’t know how to build a blog or where to start?

    Don’t panic. I was in your situation a year back. There are plenty of sites which will teach you everything you needed at free of cost. Check out the websites like pro blogger, smart passive income, shout me loud..etc

    Website Service:
    Earning money out of service oriented websites is another form of earning income from home. A website is different from the blog. In the website you don’t have to write about your passions, but offers another kind of valuable service.

    For instance, check Indusladies website. By all means, it is not a blog. This is a huge website which offers an enviable place for women to hang out and shares thoughts. Of course, you don’t have to build such huge websites.

    You can begin with small niche-oriented websites. Some examples are directory services, wallpaper download services, price and deals displaying services etc. Again you can monetize them via advertisements if you get good traffic.

    Kindle Publishing:
    Ok…I understand building website may daunt you especially if you have no prior experience. However, I did everything from scratch so you can as well do this. In case, if you don’t want to do, then another way you can make money from your passion is writing a short (30-60 pages) e-book about it.

    For instance, you know ‘how to apply eyeliner in 100 ways’, then you can write a book in beauty niche. Or if you know how to teach maths to kids without breaking your head, you have can write a wonderful book on parenting / education niche. You can literally turn all your ideas and write a book about it.

    You can publish this e-book on amazon at nil cost. Then you will earn royalty money each time you sell a book.

    Oh, wait!!! What if I have a great idea but not so great writing skill? I advise you to practice writing. I am not a natural writer. I began to write as my work demanded it.

    If you still don’t want to do it, you can hire a ghostwriter at sites like up work.com, fiver.com and outsource your writing work. I won’t cost you much. There are plenty of writers who are happy to do this with less charge.

    YouTube Video Channel:
    Ok...You feel that writing will never work and your mind is reeling from the idea of building websites. Then you can begin youtube channel to show off your passions. All you need is a killer idea, a camera to record it and show it to the world.

    I hope you would have watched plenty of videos about cooking, makeup, and for literally anything on youtube. What do you think about these people out there who create such valuable videos? No, they are not doing it for free.

    Just like blogs, you can earn via your youtube channels. Have you ever watched the ads that get displayed when you watch your favourite youtubber explaining something for you? They earn money out of it.

    These are just a few ways to earn income from home. There are tons of ways where you can genuinely earn money by working from home. They don’t need huge investment upfront.

    All it takes is your patience in understanding the business, your eagerness to learn, you persistence in not giving up till you earn. I am living proof for this. I earn money out of blogs and websites. At present, I am working on my first e-book.

    If you have the WILL, you can make these ideas work for you!!! All the very best !!!

    My Blog

  2. GaythriV

    GaythriV Platinum IL'ite

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    No doubt a Very useful and informative write up for many. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Itsmylife143

    Itsmylife143 Platinum IL'ite

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    Another good one @Vaniquest from you!! keep posting like this!! very Informative post!! Thank you sharing!!
  4. amnilakshmi

    amnilakshmi Gold IL'ite

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    what if we dont have any passion :)
    NeetaR likes this.
  5. Suparni

    Suparni Platinum IL'ite

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    How do you increase your page rank after you start blogging......page rank is not directly related to content.......it is related to backlinks to the page......

    How to network your blog with backlinks...improve page rank...only then you can get income through ads....
  6. NeetaR

    NeetaR Silver IL'ite

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    Thanks for sharing this information.

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