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How much would you like your husband fixing you?

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by keerthi, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Dear Keerthi
    I understand you perfectly bcs same was my case as well from day 1. Only difference is I dont have parents-in-law but brother-in-laws and their wives oh my God this world is not for simple ones but for scheming ones I really was perturbed:shock: how can they convince my DH to believe what I never do I who never cried before marriage who thought crying was for weak people had spent many a days dejected with crying :cry:good lord you know 4 years of horror that was because my DH is overprotective of his bros and whatever they say he used to listen without reasoning or listening to my side of story in the end.Witsend I learnt to speak very little it came just to meeting their needs and keeping an eye on in what I can have a say safely that way I gained my DHs trust though it is very fragile I need to be very cautious whenevr their issue comes thats all. All you need to do is control your temper no matter how you dislike but keep smiling never ever complain to your DH about your-in-laws one day or other their true colors will be revealed till that time pls be careful.You will surely get out of this mess but it requires a bit of hardwork oand control of your reactions.......Do you believe in God if so daily meditate before going to bed this will help you a lot.........:cheersCheer up it is all part of life and it is teaching you how to take things in your own stride so that you remain You and yet remain unconquered...............:thumbsup

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