How Good Is Oakridge International School In Hyderabad For Primary And Secondary Education?

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    Hello all,

    I found similar post to this that matches to my situation, but didn't find any info there and so posting again by matching with my current situation.
    We are planning to move to Hyderabad, India from the US next year. Both my husband and I are new to Hyderabad city. Our primary focus is to give our daughter a good education. Earlier I thought of IB education, but now we are looking for good CBSE schools that have strong academics and focus on overall development. Either there are schools that focus only on academics or there are schools that are international type where the focus is on other activities and not academics. I'm also confused by schools that have international in the name and offer CBSE syllabus. Following are my questions:

    1, If a kid studies in an international school in India with a CBSE syllabus will she be equipped well to take on an engineering , medical admission in India?

    2. Why do schools have international in the name and offer CBSE education?

    3. How good is Oakridge International school in Hyderabad in these aspects. We feel that if we put her in Oakridge she will not be academically challenged.

    Kindly please provide all your inputs.

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