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How Do You Stay Productive All The Time?

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by anika987, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Needtobestrong

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    I don’t know about fruitful...
    But I get very less free time...
    This pandemic and in laws long stay has made me rather overloaded...
    Very less free time I get and I like to contribute here to IL threads, and listen to so some relaxing music etc..
    Even if I sit for sometime to do something, there are interruptions..some work or the other comes up and some family member or the other calls me..
    I long for the days when I had help and more free time..wish I had used the time productively to achieve something...
    Hope things improve and I get more time for myself soon...
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  2. anika987

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    Does being productive differs from person to person?

    For me..running the home smooth and making fresh meals is a way of being productive.That is something which makes me relaxed.Like therapy.

    My relatives feel those are a waste of Time as they feel earning money within a particular age is needed and as of now they can order healthy meals outside.

    My friend feels being productive is “achievements “.

    What is being really productive? What is the most useful way to spend time?
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  3. Thyagarajan

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    Yes my friend too achieved honours by toiling in high places. He was productive for himself! He could Not enjoy leisure he could not enjoy peace of mind. He kept himself busy. His brain was always taxed. He was always a manni in hurry to meet his short and long goals. Tell your friend examples - my friend too.

    I had another friend who was into business 24x7. He was of my age when we met. He was toiling like anything, grabbing huge govt contracts within couple of years he minted colossal amounts, then married but alas he had died in sleep with fatal heart attack. He was touring a lot staying in five stars eating in big hotels but eventually at 52 he too died of heart attack on the way to his own palatial office.. of what use his money his achievements.


    King of pop music made colossal amounts huge achievements died young at near fifty. He was living (residing) in hotel .

    Eating only healthy food from outside is their achievement and it will pave way for their early departure to heaven(hell) whichever they like or deserve!

    Whatever money they made by eating only from outside will go to some other’s kitty. If they feel that way, you feel this way!

    China & India are full of achiever’s that way. Huge population. Highly productive!

    If one’s ‘timely action’ is helpful to self & others in larger measure, the person is to be considered productive. That is the end of productivity in so far as Home maker or & wfh.
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