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How Do You Celebrate Independance Day

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    How do you plan to celebrate independence day away from your homeland:
    We here in India are not really so careful where we celebrate, we go out for a picnic, or go to a movie and some gathering and so on, but I am curious to know how Indians enjoy this day abroad…

    I remember as a child my father used to take us to the parade near M.G. road, and then may be get us some icecream on our way back, as it is a holiday a very lay back attitude. He used to take the trouble to explain who is taking the salute, and so on, there was an excitement of anticipation to see our leaders.

    Then came a time when we were able to see the TV with all those colorful parade in delhi, and we kept mom busy with giving us something to eat as we watched the entire show which went on for a very long time, commenting on various presentation, I knew mom had to be on toes during those times.

    Then came a time when the role of mom came over me, I also had to run with so many snacks to keep them munching as they watched the TV, and so on and we always ended up seeing a film on Gandhi …please do come forward and join here with your experience.
    I want you all to tell about the menus and the drinks, if there is a photo presentation then this thread also becomes colorful ....regards sunkan
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  2. Arunarc

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    Nice thread Sunkan

    As a child I remember going to school for flag hosting and we would have so many games and sweets to eat.
    Then college we use to sometimes go and some times we avoid it as they would be only flag hosting.
    Then as a mom use to take the kid to his school on the independent day where they use to enjoy with so many activities.
    Then out of the country. In Fiji island there were many Indian's as more then 50% of the population are indian there. There was an open ground and we all indian's use to gather there and host the flag and use to have like a potluck where each family use to get a dish and have many games. It use to be like a picnic till evening.

    Malaysia use to have a small function in the indian Embassy.

    Australia All indians use to come together in an open ground and host the flag and use to have many patrotic cultural programmes followed by potluck lunch or sometimes the indian community use to arrange for the food from outside with cold drinks and use to have games for the kids as well as for the elders.

    Egypt flag hosting will be in the Indian embassy. With one or 2 competitions for the kids and sweets distributed to everyone.
  3. swarnalata.N.S.

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    Every Independence Day, I give holiday for my maid , with a packet of sweets for her children. Then, I sit with my son and we study the India Map in atlas, talking about every state whatever we know and feeling proud how big and diverse our country is. Thats all I do.

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