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How can we say "she is more beautiful than her" ??

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by anika987, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. anika987

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    After seeing a debate show in tv regarding beauty,me and cousins got into a conversation "How can we decide who is more beautiful than the other when beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder??"

    1) tastes are different

    2) I remember a particular incident.Back in college,when aishwarya rai was the reigning queen,the guys were going gaga over her.two of the guys said they did not like her!! we were like "Are you kidding?if u do not like aishwarya,you ought to be banned from the world!" one of the guys said "I really do not like her.hate her giggle,hate her cat eyes and she is so thin and not fit"
    we were so shocked that it took a while to get away from it.even my dh is not a fan of aishwarya.

    3) there was this girl who was on the healthier side.Infact,very healthier and she actually did not have much hair on her head that you can even see a little baldness.
    she was not so goodlooking but the guys in the computer institute,3 to 4 of them very crazy about her.we still could not understand.One of the guys called her "Barbie doll" "kate winslet"..we were surprised.infact,one of the guys married her and they live well now.

    4) there were also guys who thought I was not nice to look at and some who really liked me.same with my cousins.

    5)many like deepika padukone but there are still many who comment things like "there is no leg definition""she is too thin""ok looking"

    6) Again,we cannot tell everyone who says something bad about other people's looks are jealous.it can also be an opinion.Many a times I have seen people praising some others but I have kept quiet since I did not find them goodlooking in my point of view.

    Considering all the points,how come we classify "she is better than her or he is better than him"?Does beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder or is there someone who is really better or everyone is different and unique?

  2. Weasly

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    Beauty has no definition!! Like India we have a product "Fair and Lovely" cz Indians are crazy abt fairness, Africa has Dark and Lovely !!

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