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Discussion in 'Indians in Houston' started by MeenLoch, Feb 13, 2008.

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    As an Indian, being used to having a cup of morning coffee, with "The Hindu" in other hand, I missed the entire experience after coming here.

    Just to make up for it, we ordered Houston chronicle after some time. Initially I found it boring, because there was lot of American news. But slowly I started liking it, the selection of news is good. It has separate columns for business, sports and entertainment news. Also It has comics section, crosswords section, coupons, ads, TV Guide, sale announcements and many more interesting features. I will suggest it for housewives, because we ll have time to read it unlike office goers and be informed about our surroundings. I sometimes communicate to the editors if I find a topic interesting.
    Also it carries tips for day to day problems. You can get a sample copy and enjoy reading.
    My personal favorite is the science, tech and research news. Currently I also enjoy reading about elections.
    With Globalization, it is all the same news everywhere, from American perspective though.

    Downside - Disposing paper and reading speed. If you accumulate it to read the next day, it just keeps piling up. So you should ensure that, you finish reading the very same day.

    We have subscribed for 4 days a week ( friday to monday) at $1.25/ week.

    Isn't this offer cool ?

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