Horse Gram (kollu) Vada

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    Horse Gram is one of the nutritional stuff among Sprout varieties which all might not prefer. It is high in Protein and Iron and also acts as an important food that helps to reduce the cholesterol levels. It has good benefits in reduction of Cholesterol and also for weight loss. It has the capacity to dissolve kidney stones and also a weight reducing agent. I had tried this dish as an evening snack and it came out well. Normally children would not have sprouts, vegetables. Mixing them in this manner and preparing it as a Vada will make children’s eat them well.

    Note : If you want to prepare this in short time, you can soak the Horse gram in hot water for 30 minutes and then do the preparation. But normal soaking would give you very soft vadas.

    Preparation Time : 10 Minutes

    Category : Snacks

    Author : Aarthi Rajesh Khanna


    Fried Gram Dall : 50 Gms ( Odaitha kadalai)

    Horsegram : 100 Gms

    Green chillies : 4 to 5

    Onion : 1 Medium Sized normally chopped

    Carrot : 1 Medium Size finely grated

    Potato : 1 Medium Size Finely Grated

    Ginger : A small piece finely chopped

    Red chillies : 4

    Fennal Seed (Sombu in Tamil) : A small amount as per our taste.

    Salt : To Taste

    Pre Preparation :

    1. Soak Horse gram for 1 -2 hours

    2. Chop the Onions as we do for Masal Vadai

    3. Finely Chop the ginger to very small pieces.

    4. Grate the carrot and Potato well

    5. Finely chop the Green chillies.


    Preparation Steps:

    1. First grind the Fennal seed, Red chillies & Salt with one round in Mixie.

    2. Then add the Fried Gram dal in mixie with just one or two additional strokes on top of the above mix. Ensure that it does not grind to a fine powder. Keep it aside.


    3. Now drain excess water from the soaked Horse gram and grind the same with just one or two strokes to ensure this also does not grind well.

    4. Mix the contents grinded Horse gram, grated vegetables (Carrot, Potato, Onions, Grated green chillies & Ginger), Salt and finally the fried gram powder .

    5. Don’t add water as the water content of the vegetables would be enough to make this batter. While pressing for the vada, you can soak your hands in water to avoid the vada shape not breaking up.

    6. Heat Oil in a fry pan in a medium flame.


    7. Now put small vada’s as you do for masal vada and fry in oil.

    8. Horse gram vada is ready to be served. This goes well with Tomato/coconut chutney.

    If you like this post, please try this recipe and leave your comments.
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    That is fine so many merits outweighing the demerits. Recipe for vada succinct.
    But then why it is posted in JOKE forum. This co UK led be the reason for not r ed receiving any FB Here. O would suggest you repost it in health forum.
    Thanks and Regards.

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