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Honor Thy Father And Mother

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 27, 2021.

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    Honor thy Father and Mother
    What does it mean
    Does it mean to accept them
    No matter how nasty they are
    No matter in public
    How loud they scream

    Honor thy Father and Mother
    This is your inheritance
    This is to appreciate your roots
    The place you took birth
    After many lifetimes of
    Severe penance

    Honor thy Father and Mother
    Rich or poor
    Their experiences shaped you
    You must look into the mirror
    Behold thy image
    And adore

    Honor thy Father and Mother
    Unpleasant childhood memories
    Make you look back with fondness
    Even a soundtrack you heard
    Now makes your heart
    Reverberate with proudness

    Honor thy Father and Mother
    Do not ever ever deny
    Sure one or both may hate you
    And treat you worse
    Than a treasonous spy

    Honor thy Father and Mother
    You carry onto generations afar
    Soon you will also pass on into
    The silent night
    Your essence can be found up
    Among the ancient stars

    Years ago this song was one of many played on cassette-tape during long car rides to visit relatives (nice and not-so-nice). Now I truly appreciate these gems.


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