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honey and cinnamon -combination as medicine !!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Nature Cure' started by mssunitha2001, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. mssunitha2001

    mssunitha2001 IL Hall of Fame

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    You can find references for this wonder combination in medical streams like Ayurvedic, Yunani etc. And the best part is that it does not have any side effects and most of the times can be taken parallel with any other form of medicine. Listed below are some of the well known uses of the combination of honey and cinnamon.
    1. For Curing Arthritis

      A paste should be made from one part honey and two parts of luke warm water added with a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This paste should be massaged on the itching part of the body and the pain should recede within fifteen minutes in most cases.
    2. Hair Loss

      For hairlossor baldness, patients may apply a paste made out of hot olive oil, one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This should be applied before they take bath and keep it for approximately 15 minutes. After that they can wash it off with luke warm water.
    3. Toothache

      A paste made of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and five teaspoons of honey when applied on the aching tooth (may be done 3 times a day) reduces the pain within a matter of 15 minutes.
    4. Reducing Cholesterol

      Take two tablespoons of honey, three teaspoons of cinnamon powder and mix in 16 ounces of tea, when given to a cholesterol patient, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10% within 2 hours. Pure honey is also sometimes used with food to check cholesterol.
    5. Cure Colds

      For those who are suffering from common or severe colds, they should take one tablespoon of luke warm honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold and clear the sinuses.
    6. Curing Infertility

      <SCRIPT type=text/javascript> var playerSeed = new PlayerSeed('SmartPlayer'); playerSeed.sid = 332; playerSeed.width = '300'; playerSeed.height = '250'; playerSeed.videoControlDisplayColor = '#CCCCCC'; playerSeed.categories = '8,5,40,11,14'; playerSeed.fallback = '155909591'; playerSeed.overlay= true; playerSeed.autoStart= false; playerSeed.cbCustomID = '5min-companion-ad'; playerSeed.hasCompanion=true; //playerSeed.Load(); </SCRIPT>Various ancient medical streams like Ayurveda and Yunani have been using honey for years in medicine to strengthen the semen of men. Two tablespoons of honey before they go to sleep is what is prescribed by many experienced practitioners. This combination will work wonders for women as well. In China, Japan and other Asian countries, if the women who do not conceive, and or if their uterus is weak, then they have been prescribed cinnamon powder. Women who cannot conceive may take a pinch of cinnamon powder in half a teaspoon of honey, and apply it on the gums frequently throughout the day, so that it slowly mixes with the saliva and enters the body.
    7. Stomach Upset

      Honey taken with cinnamon powder also helps in curing stomach ache. For people who are suffering from gas problems, honey should be taken with cinnamon powder in equal quantities, relieves gas and pain in the stomach.
    8. Immune System

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filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/box_bottom_drag.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .konaLayers .handleTd { vertical-align: top; width: 180px; } .konaLayers .handleTd div { cursor: move; padding: 0px 0px 0px 33px; font-size: 3px; } .konaLayers .handleTd img { } .konaLayers .frameBarCell_left { width:88px; vertical-align: top; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; } .konaLayers .frameBarCell_right { width: 32px; vertical-align: top; padding-top: 0px; font-size: 5px; } .konaLayers .frameBar { margin-left: 7px; margin-right: 6px; cursor:auto; width:300px; } .konaLayers .konaDescDiv { cursor: pointer; padding-top: 2px; } .konaLayers .table02 { margin-left: 9px; font: normal 13px arial; width: 305px; } .konaLayers .table03 { margin-left: 8px; font: normal 13px arial; width: 280px; } .konaLayers .table03_flv02 { margin: 0px 0px 0px 32px; width: 242px; font: normal 13px arial; } .konaLayers .konaLayerTitle { text-align:center; padding-right: 10px; 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} .konaLayers .buyNow { text-align: right; width:105px; } .konaLayers .konaLayer img { border: 0px;display:inline; padding:0px; } .konaLayers .imgBanner { padding: 6px 13px 0px 6px; vertical-align: top; width:51px; text-align: center; } .konaLayers .imgShoppingBanner { padding: 5px 4px 0px 3px; vertical-align: top; width: 51px; text-align: center; } .konaLayers .imgBanner_down { padding: 5px 13px 0px 13px; vertical-align: top; width:51px; text-align: center; } .konaLayers .top_curve { width: 313px; height: 10px; padding:0px; margin:0px;vertical-align:bottom;filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/top_curve.png', sizingMethod='image'); } .konaLayers .drop_top_curve { width: 313px; height: 35px;padding:0px; margin:0px;filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/drop_top_curve.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .konaLayers .drop_top_curve_right { width: 313px; height: 35px; padding:0px; margin:0px;filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/drop_top_curve_right.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .konaLayers .konaSearchRow td { padding-top: 2px; } .konaLayers .konaSearchTable { margin-left: 5px; font: normal 13px arial; } .KonaBody { display:inline; } .konaLayers .table02_flv { margin-left: 10px; margin-top: 7px; } .konaLayers .table02_flv02 { margin-left: 34px; width: 234px; margin-top: 7px; } .konaLayers .table02_flv03 { margin-left: 6px;margin-top: 7px; } .konaLayers .konaLayer_flvTD01 { padding: 6px 0px 0px 6px; } .konaLayers .konaLayer_flvTD02 { padding: 5px 0px 0px 6px; } .konaLayers .konaLayer_flvEmbed01 { } .konaLayers .konaLayer_flvEmbed02 { } .konaLayers .konaLayerDesc_nearFLV { font: normal 11px verdana !important; color: BLACK; text-align: left;vertical-align: top; padding: 11px 10px 0px 5px; } .konaLayers .konaLayerDesc_underFLV { font: normal 11px verdana !important; color: BLACK; text-align: left;font: normal 11px/14px verdana !important; vertical-align: top; padding: 2px 0px 0px 6px; } .konaLayers .konaLayerLearnMore { text-align:left; vertical-align: bottom; padding: 0px 0px 1px 14px; } .konaLayers .konaLayerLearnMore02 { vertical-align: top; text-align:right;padding: 0px 0px 0px 12px; } .konaLayers .konaLayerDownload { vertical-align: top; text-align:right;width: 132px; padding: 0px 0px 0px 12px; } .konaLayers .konaLayerLinks_underFLV td { width: 170px !important; padding-top: 4px; word-wrap:break-word; } .konaLayers .konaLayerLinks_underFLV02 td { padding-top: 7px; word-wrap: break-word; width: 130px !important; } .konaLayers .konaFlashWrap { width: 320px; height: 288px; } .konaLayers .konaFlashDrag { position:absolute;width:198px;height:26px;background-color:#ffffff;opacity:0;filter:alpha(opacity=0);cursor:move; } .konaLayers .konaFlashContent { width: 320px; height: 288px; } .konaLayers #konaFlashBubble { width: 320px; height: 288px; } .konaLayers .konaBigFlashWrap { position:absolute;width:470px;height:395px; } .konaLayers .konaBigFlashDrag { position:absolute;z-index:17;width:347px;height:24px;left:85px;top:5px;background-color:#ffffff;opacity:0;filter:alpha(opacity=0);cursor:move; } .konaLayers .konaBigFlashContent { position:absolute;left:0;top:0;z-index:12;width:470px;height:395px; } .konaLayers .konaInfocomSearchTD .konaLineInputTD { position:relative; } .konaInfocomTableContainer { margin-left:21px; } .konaInfocomSearchTD { background: url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/konaInfocom_search_area_trans.gif); width: 270px; height:46px; } .konaInfocomSearchTable { margin-top: 10px; margin-left:13px; width:244px; } .konaInfocomSearchField { width:163px; font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px; background-color:#FFF;color:#000; border:1px inset #ccc; padding: 1px 0px; } .konaInfocomInputContainer { position:relative; width: 163px; text-align: left; overflow: hidden; } .konaLayers .konaFlashWrap { position:relative; } .konaLayers .konaExpandFlashWrap { position:relative; } .konaLayers .konaFlashDrag { z-index:100;position:absolute;width:198px;height:26px;background-color:#ffffff;opacity:0;filter:alpha(opacity=0.0);cursor:move;top:0px; } .konaLayers .konaExpandFlashContent { } .konaLayers .konaExpandFlashIframe { /*background:yellow;*/z-index:9999;position:absolute; } .konaLayers .konaWebnaryGradientTD .konaLineInputTD { position:relative; width: 200px } .konaWebnaryGradientTD { background:url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/konaWebnaryGrad.gif) repeat-x; height:39px; width:300px; } .konaWebnaryTable { width: 300px; height:112px; margin-left:7px; margin-top:3px } .konaWebnaryHeadTD { width: 300px; height:51px; } .konaWebnarySubTD { width: 300px; height:22px; } .konaWebnarySearch { width:280px; height:23px; margin: 3px 0 0 10px; } .konaWebnaryInput { width: 200px; font: 12px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color:#FFF;color: black; border:1px inset #ccc; padding: 1px 0px; } .konaWebnarySubmit { margin-left:5px; } .konaWebnaryInputContainer { position:relative; width: 200px; text-align: left; overflow: hidden; } .konaLayers .konaFDGradientTD .konaLineInputTD { position:relative; width: 193px } .konaFDGradientTD { background:url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/konaFDbottom.gif); height:39px; width:300px; } .konaFDTable { width: 300px; height:112px; } .konaFDHeadTD { width: 300px; height:55px; } .konaFDSubTD { width: 300px; height:20px; } .konaFDSearch { width:280px; height:23px; margin: 3px 0 0 10px; } .konaFDInput { width: 193px; font: 12px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color:#FFF;color: black;border:1px inset #ccc; padding: 1px 0px; } .konaFDSubmit { margin-left:5px; } .konaFDInputContainer { position:relative; width: 193px; text-align: left; overflow: hidden; } .konaYahooShoppingTable { width: 288px; height:125px; border: none; margin-left: 12px; margin-top: 5px; background-image:url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/konaYahooSbgWhite.gif); } .konaYahooShoppingTable2 { width: 288px; border: none; margin-left: 12px; } .konaYahooShoppingHeader { height: 31px; font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; padding-bottom: 0px; vertical-align:middle; text-align:center; } .konaLayers .konaLayer a.konaYahooShoppingTitle { font-size:11px; font-weight:bold; color: #000000; text-decoration:underline; cursor:default; } .konaYahooShoppingContentTable { border: none; padding:0; } .konaYahooShoppingImageTd { padding-top:6px; padding-right:0px; padding-left:12px; padding-bottom:0px; vertical-align:top; } .konaLayers .konaLayer .konaYahooShoppingImg { border:solid 1px; border-color: #808080; } .konaYahooShoppingPrice { padding-bottom:5px; padding-right: 7px; } .konrYahooShoppingFont { font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:11px; color: #000000; } .konaYahooShoppingText { width: 177px; padding-left: 5px } .konaYahooShoppingDescriptionTable { height: 80px; } .konaYahooShoppingDescriptionTd { vertical-align: top; } .konaYahooShoppingDescription { margin:0; padding: 3px 3px 7px 2px; text-align:left; vertical-align:top; line-height:1.5; } .konaYahooSecondTable { background-image:url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/konaYahooSbgMiddle2.gif); width:100%; border: none; } .konaYahooSecondTableLinkTD { padding-left:15px; vertical-align:bottom; } .konaLayers .konaLayer a.konrYahooLink1 { color:#0170b3; font-size:10px; text-decoration: underline; font-family: verdana,sans-serif; } .konaYahooSecondTableButtonTD { float:right; vertical-align:bottom; } .konaYahooShoppingBuyNowImg { margin-right: 5px; float:right; border:none; } .konaYahooShoppingBottomTd { padding:0px; vertical-align:top; } .konaYahooShoppingBottomImg { padding:0; margin:0; } .konaYahooShoppingPoweredImg { margin:5px 0 0 0; padding:0; } .konaLayers .konaBox_bottom { background: url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/box_separator.gif) left top no-repeat; width: 313px; height: 10px; font-size: 1px; } .konaLayers .konaBox02 { background: url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/box.gif) left top no-repeat; width: 313px; padding-top: 7px; } .konaLayers .konaLayer .konatabs_Search { margin: 0px 0px 0px 16px; width: 280px; padding: 0px; text-align: left; background: url(http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/tabs_bg.gif) bottom repeat-x; 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      The daily intake of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacterial and viral attacks. Researchers have found that honey has various important vitamins and iron in large amounts and its use strengthens the white blood corpuscles.
    9. Longevity

      Ancient cultures used Tea made with honey and cinnamon powder for longevity. 4 spoons of honey, 1 spoon of cinnamon powder and 3 cups of water are boiled to make this tea. The prescribed amount is to drink 1/4 cup, 3 times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and slows down old age.
    10. Weight Loss

      Drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup water first thing in the morning (empty stomach). If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also drinking of this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body, even though the person may eat a high calorie diet . Weight loss can be due to different reasons. Some people do over dieting to reduce weight which affects their body’s immune system. Losing weight is fine but that should not be at the expense of harsh dieting and skipping your vitamins and minerals. You can always lose weight naturally. I highly recommend this free article on some Exotic and healthy juice recipes which will help you reduce weight among other health benefits. Here is a list of natural source of vitamins cheaply and commonly available.
    Side Note

    These tips should not be used for self treatment. I strongly suggest consulting a doctor for regular medicines. This can be used as supplementary medicines.
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    Hi Sunitha,

    Nice tips! Have you tried any or do you know of anyone who has used this and found results? I do use honey and cinnamon powder but not together as in the mentioned tips. I would like to try this out.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. skchivukula

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    thank you sunita for such a valuable informative post
    really honey works wonders

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