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Homemade Cookies from Mumbai

Discussion in 'Entrepreneurship' started by lakdam, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. lakdam

    lakdam New IL'ite

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    Hi Ladies,

    I am Lak based out of mumbai. Currently working fulltime in an MNC and run a part-time/ weekend business of seller homemade cookies. Initially started baking out of joy and slowly realised the potential it had and experimented with making different varities of them.

    At present i have a few clients who order cookies for their home, parties, get togethers and small companies for their employees.

    Would love to meet people with similar interest and on the same path. Please do pour in your experiences along the way.

    I am having fun jugling between the full time high expectation job, my passionate business and my little two and half year old daughter.

    I welcome all of you to share up to enrich myself and others visiting this thread. I also encourage you to ask queries and if can help you :)

    Last edited: Mar 10, 2010

  2. Jey

    Jey Administrator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Laks,

    Its been a while since you posted this. But, I am very interested in knowing as to how your business is going?

    Has the business grown to be something more than a side hobby? Has it evolved to have you wonder about the true commercial potential of this to the extent of doing it full-time?

    Did you meet people of similar interest to do something together? Would love to learn a bit more about the journey you are going through now and how things are shaping up for you. Please update whenever you get some time.

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