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    • Body Heat
    1. Add 2 to 3 drops of almonds oil to pomegranate
      (anaar) juice and drink.
    2. Soak 8 to 10 almonds and 1 teaspoon rice overnight.
      Remove the outer skin. Grind into a fine paste. Mix
      with some milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder
      (haldi) and sugar candy (mishri) to taste. Boil and drink.
    3. Remove seeds from fresh amla fruits and grind the
      pulp into a fine paste. Tie it in a muslin cloth and
      squeeze out the juice. Take 2 teaspoon of this juice
      and mix it with two teaspoonfuls each honey and lime
      juice. Add 1 cup water and drink on an empty stomach
      every morning.
    4. Take a tender bel fruit. Grind it with 1 cup milk. Apply
      on the head and massage well before taking a shower
    • Body Pain
    1. Boil 3 tablespoon powdered nutmeg (jaiphal) in
      1 cup sesame oil (til ka tel). Cool and apply on
      affected parts.
    1. Slightly roast a big onion on a naked flame. Mash
      it and mix in teaspoon each turmeric powder and
      ghee. Apply and tie a bandage.
    2. Mash the garlic (lasan) cloves and apply externally.
    3. Ground neem leaves into a paste and apply on
      affected parts.
    4. Apply a paste of ginger (adrak) powder and turmeric
      (haldi) (1:1) on boils.
    5. Grind some black cumin (kala jeera) seeds in a little
      water and apply the paste on the affected areas.
    6. Heat black pepper powder in ½ teaspoon ghee until
      charred. Use this as an ointment.
    7. Take fenugreek leaf (methi patta) paste, heat it and
      when lukewarm, apply on the affected parts of the body.
    8. Soak bread in warm milk and sandwich the mixture
      in-between the folds of a clean cotton cloth. Apply
      this poultice to the boil and hold in place with a cotton
      bandage. This draws the dirt to the surface of the skin
      and simultaneously bursts the boil.
    • Body Swelling
    1. Grind black cumin seeds (shah jeera) with a little
      hot water and apply on affected parts. Body weak-
      - ness w Soak 8 to 10 almonds and 1 teaspoon rice
      overnight. Remove the outer skin of almonds. Grind
      into a fine paste. Mix in some milk and a pinch of
      turmeric powder (haldi). Boil and drink along with
      sugar candy (mishri) or ordinary sugar to taste.
    2. Sprinkle the following on a platter of mango slices
      : 1 teaspoon honey, a pinch of saffron (kesar),
      cardamom (chhoti illaichi) and rose water (gulab jal).
      Take twice daily.
    • Breathing problem
    1. Mix 1 teaspoon camphor (kapoor) in ½ cup slightly
      warmed coconut oil and apply on the chest.
    2. Boil 2 tablespoon fennel seeds (saunf) in 1 cup water
      till it is reduced to half. Filter. Take 1 tablespoon every
      morning and evening for a few days.
    3. Boil 3 tablespoon powdered nutmeg (jaiphal) in 1 cup
      sesame oil (til ka tel). Cool and apply on affected parts
    • Bronchitis in children
    1. Mix 1 teaspoon oil of garlic (lasan) and 3 teaspoon
      honey and give a small amount three times a day
      to the child.
    • Burns by hot water
    1. Take the thin buds of banana leaves. Bandage directly
      on affected areas. Tie the upper part for two days and
      then lower parts for two more days. burns, scar.
    2. Boil 1 cup neem bark (neem ki khal) in 4 cups water.
      Remove from fire and shake liquid. Apply the emerging
      froth on the affected area. Repeat several times and for
      several days.
    • Body Burns
    1. Mash a ripe banana and apply on burns. Bandage
      with betel leaves (pan ka patta).
    2. If you have a minor burn, immediately place an ice
      pack on the burnt area for 10 minutes.
    3. Combine 4 teaspoon each of lime juice, coconut oil
      and rub until the betel leaves mixture turns white.
      Apply on affected parts.
    4. Apply curry leaves (kari patta) as poultices over
      affected areas.
    5. Spread a thin layer of honey over the burn and
      cover with a dressing. Repeat this regularly every
      two or three hours till it heals. Burns by fire
      Immediately apply glycerine on the burnt area.
    6. Burn a handful of mango leaves to ashes and
      apply this on the affected parts
    • Bruises
    1. Slice a raw onion & place over the bruise.
      Do not apply this to broken skin.
    • Cataract At Early Stages
    1. Mix 1 teaspoon rose water (gulab jal) with 1 teaspoon
      fresh lime juice. Add 10 drops of this to the eyes.

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