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Hobbies and Interests

Discussion in 'Life Without Spouse' started by lovinglife, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. lovinglife

    lovinglife New IL'ite

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    What are some of the things you have done to keep yourself occupied after going through a divorce or separation?

    As for me, with a full time job and a little boy to take care of, I don't have much time for hobbies/activities, etc, but the days my son is with his dad, I really had to find something to do, lest I feel lonely and go crazy.

    So, over the last few months, I have started volunteering at a hospital, I go to the gym at least once a week, I help out when I can, in my son's school and I teach a senior citizen's class when I can and once every 2-3 weeks, I try to go out with my friends from work, an all girls group which is a lot of fun!! I am dying to start taking a dance lesson.....will see when that can happen.

    Please share your experiences....

  2. itsmeteddy

    itsmeteddy New IL'ite

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    I am really bored of sitting at home most of the time, other than work. I go to library once in a while. I dont drive yet so for me commute is the biggest problem.

    But I too need to do something useful, once I get the license. I would like you to suggest how to go about volunteering in Hospital?
  3. ansh12

    ansh12 Bronze IL'ite

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    Thanks buddy for an interesting thread.

    I have too many interests. I bubble with life, so my first interest is to live not exist. I want to live life useful to me and others.

    I love gardening and I am happy that my university accomodation has given me opportunity to pursue my interest. Nature makes my happy and i am in lap of nature.

    I go for walk. I have haerty laugh in morning before going for work, when I have breakfast watching America's funniest videos

    I dance with with daughter, we both do so many silly things together. I love cooking, going for long drives.

    When, i am at my best, i am very witty, I crack jokes, whenver I have opportunity to do so.

    I love talking(that's why I am a lecturer) and interaction.pity my students who have to listen to my non-technical stuff also.

    Come summer, I go for swimming.

    I love to read, so before going to bed I read RD

    I am movie buff, but like watching good movies, art movies, comedies, emotional like Tamanna
    I shall be joining guitar classes.

    So, that's it


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