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High Heels To Healthier Life ?

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by Nonya, Mar 8, 2017.

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    I've seen lots of posts about high heels that can cause a lot of problems for the knee joint, the hips, and of course, the feet.

    However, there is one place where high heels could help. In the toilet. When you wear heels while sitting in the western toilet, your knees are pushed up. And you are now in a semi-squat. A full squat is a healthy way to evacuate, but a semi squat is pretty good. Apparently it unkinks the colon...and makes sure that everything is out, and you are indeed... relieved. If you are wearing a flat thing, you might bidet, wipe, and get up and walk a few steps... And then, the last piece that wasn't able to come around the colonic bend into the straight-away, and get out, wants out... in an emergency sort of way. Damn your existence if you were not home, but in a public place, where the ladies room waits are just too long. If only you were on heels, none of that would'a happened to you.

    Hail heel ?
    Having the feet up higher, while sitting on a western commode, is supposed to get you half way to an asian squat. There are little 7" high stools designed for western toilets, sold in such places as Amazon or real department stores like Target and kohls.

    Do you own a squatty potty stool, and use it at home ? Is that a good thing to have when older indian relatives visit ? What do older (parents, in-laws) relatives say about the western toilets and what would they like to see improved ?

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