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Hi Saibaba Devotees

Discussion in 'Pujas Prayers & Slokas' started by sunraise, May 26, 2019.

  1. sunraise

    sunraise Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi All
    After Years I Am Back In IL .. So Today I Am Posting a Easy Helpfull Post To All Which WOrks 1000%

    Every Sinlge Soul In This World Have Problems In Anyway...
    So Here You Go

    Just Do this For 13 Days

    First On Thursday Pray Well TO Sai About Your Problems And Start Donating FOOD For Poor People FOr 13 Days

    You can Donate to 1 Person Or 3 Person Or As Much You Can ( You Have to Choose )

    But Daily You Have to Donate

    Example If You Pray that you donate food for one person so daily for 13 days you have to donate to one poor person

    Within the 5th Day You Will See the Good things Happening TO You

    There Should Be No Discontinue ... If You Discontinue Again You Have to Start From First

    I Surely Garantee This Will Work .. I Have Said This to Lots of People Who Strugling In thier Life Everyone Had Positive Results

    Kindly Share this To Yours Friends Also

    Any Doubt Regarding This Kindly Reply

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