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Henna Application Part 1

Discussion in 'Hair Care & Hair Styles' started by virtualkv2020, Oct 26, 2019.

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    A08870E5-E74A-44F2-85FC-37ED3F37C002.jpeg 8ECFB492-7C0D-4751-BAF6-49C94D1854D4.jpeg 4175DAA4-FA08-469C-A98C-B7E69932B391.jpeg 36AC6737-FC71-42DF-85B9-97F5CF481344.jpeg 70DF7AD9-EA46-4082-A7FD-17BEF450AA63.jpeg http://indusladies.com/community/threads/safe-way-to-dye-hair-with-henna.310435/page-2#post-4161981

    After soaking the henna as mentioned in the above post, here’s the pictorial presentation of henna application.

    Comb and part your hair
    Let your hair down and comb it with a wide-toothed comb. This will remove tangles and knots without making your hair frizzy. Part your hair in the center, and let your hair fall evenly to either side of your head.You don’t have to section off your hair, because you'll be dyeing it in layers.

    Protect your skin Henna tends to get everywhere, so it’s a good idea to wear old clothes and to protect yourself with a rag or old towel. Drape the towel over your shoulders. Arrange the towel to cover your neck and shoulders, and use a pin or hair clip to keep it together. Because henna can stain the skin, put on a pair of rubber or nitrile gloves to protect your hands and nails.You can also use a plastic sheet, poncho, or a cutting cape.Keep a damp rag nearby to wipe drips off your skin immediately.

    Method of application
    1.Apply the paste liberally to a small section of hair
    Starting with the topmost layer of hair, grab a thin 2-inch-wide (5-cm-wide) section of hair from the middle back of your head. Comb this section away from the rest of your hair. With a large tint brush or your fingers, apply 1 to 2 teaspoons (2 to 4 g) of henna to the roots of your hair. Spread the henna toward the tips, adding more paste if necessary.Henna paste doesn’t spread as easily as conventional dye, so it’s important to ensure that your hair is fully saturated from root to tip.

    2.Twist the hair on top of your head.When you’ve fully covered the first section of hair, twist it a few times and then wrap it into a bun on top of your head. The henna paste is quite sticky, so the coil of hair will just sit there.For short hair, twist the section and pin it on top of your head to keep it out of the way.

    3.Apply paste to the next section Working with the same topmost layer of hair, take a fresh 2-inch (5-cm) section of hair from beside the original section. Apply henna paste to the roots with your fingers or a tint brush. Work the paste toward the tip, adding more paste if necessary, until the entire section is saturated with henna paste.

    4.Twist and wrap the section over the original bun Twist the dyed section of hair a few times. Wrap it around the original bun that you created with the first section of hair. Because the henna is so sticky, the coil will stay.For short hair, twist the section, place it on top of the original section, and pin it in place.

    5.Continue applying paste to the rest of your hair Work in small sections, like before. Work toward the front of your head, applying henna to the hair on both sides of the part. Continue working in thin 2-inch (5-cm) sections to ensure proper coverage. When you’ve dyed the topmost layer of hair, repeat the same process with the layer below until all your hair has been dyed.Keep twisting and wrapping each section of hair around the original bun.
    To be continued...
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