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Heavy Periods. Please Advise Ladies

Discussion in 'Gynaecology' started by EagerForInfo, Jun 29, 2020.

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    In having heavy periods lasting at least 8 days. I have gone to see gynaecologist who did pelvic scan. Endometrium lining is 8 mm. Sh we suggested a biopsy before the lockdown. Anyone experienced this ? Please share ur experiences. I am not planning on going to see doctor till at least a few more months cause of covid. Till then need need to manage.

    But I guess these heavy periods are making me second guess my hygiene habits. Can anyone share their habits too.

    Like how to clean shower after bath. As my shower area has no tap and is not movable either. How to clean the floor and walls immediately after shower ( I never noticed what I was doing ... especially since periods were not so problematic before)
    Next ,now I use overnight pads for days changing every 3 ,hours. But some friends say you can see it like a diapers through even jeans. Any one gone through this ? How did u cope. Please suggest clothes to wear. In Usa

    Next .. changing pads is is also an issue. Hands seem dirty once I change pad so im hesitating to touch pant with dirty hands. So if I wash hands after wearing underwear and then wash again after wearing pants it takes too much time. I got used to washing hands after wearing pant so I cannot skip that round of washing

    Regular handwashing still left my hands smelly but now corona virus handwashing is helping but its too time taking. Someone must have gone through this. How to cope?? Please advise.

    Also how to cope during showering. Before I used to wash the area and put toilet tissue till the bath was done nowadays its not enough. Please share your coping ways. And how to manage in india ??? Sigh.

    Hoping to get advice from a ladies forum .... .considering among a world full of ladies someone must have experienced my situation and questions.
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