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Heart crash End part

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by jeya04, May 28, 2010.

  1. jeya04

    jeya04 Senior IL'ite

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    Just then the door bell rang,"Chelss ...........I 'll call you later, good night".She went downstairs and opened the door.The moment when she opened the door she was so happy to see Raymond. He was standing with flowers in his hand.
    "Ray............ come inside",she was so happy to see him.
    "Ray.......I missed you so much", she said and hugged him.
    "These are for you"
    "Smells good"
    She was so pleased to see him in her house,she couldnt control herself so she hugged him once again, Raymond cleared his throat and said , "Karen I actually came to.......to invite you"
    "Invite me?"
    "Ya invite you to my marriage?"
    Karen widen her eyes,"Marriage.......who?"
    ""Yes I am gonna get married with my girlfriend coming wednesday"
    She stared at him with induced tears.
    "So you came here to say this............not ...to see me"
    "No...no I came here .....for both"
    Tears dried in her eyes and anger grooved.
    "So I am leaving now....... good bye Karen"
    She dint reply anything.
    The next day in the centre,
    "Hi, Karen..........so ......why you look so dull"
    "Nothing is there to say "
    "Come on ......just be frank"
    "My life is shattered ,my sis lives somewhere faraway from me, I believed that one fine day definitely Ray will come, but no one can help me out ..........I am helpless"
    "Karen calm down , whats wrong with you "
    "Everything , everything , everything is wrong with me .....this life isn't so easy and there is no guarantee", choked Karen.
    Chelsea hugged her gently."Karen ,instead of leaving your heart to the one whom you are loving, you can leave it the one who loves you very much"
    Karen wiped her tears," You mean?"
    "I dont have the answer for my question...... but Alex have"
    "I think from now on you should live for the one....... who really needs you , the one who really loves you.......it must be Alex .........definitely"
    On hearing Chelsea ,she know that something has changed , she never felt that way before.
    That night.........Karen went Alex's house and pushed the door bell.....
    "Alex ,I just came here........" , Karen cleared her throat.
    "Come inside"
    She went and sat on the couch in the living room ,Alex closed the door.
    "Want something to drink?"
    "I don't mind"
    "But I do mind",smiled Alex.
    He opened the fridge and took two coke can and gave one to Karen.
    He opened the tin and swallowed a mouthful of coke.
    "So......",started Alex.
    "Actually I am sorry for the other day"
    "First of all .........I am sorry, on that day I actually came for asking sorry to you , but it ended up with a total mess"
    "Starting trouble"
    "May be"
    "Oh man, a counselor ...... need a counseling", laughed Alex.
    She tried to laugh but it detected hint of tears behind her laughter.
    Alex wanted to impress ,so he tried his best.
    He turned on the music and went near her and asked very politely,"May I've this dance?"
    She dint expect that ,but she said, "Of course" ,and took his hand and stood on the floor , he slide his arm around her and his other palm at her waist and held her exactly at correct distance from his body. She laid her hand over his shoulder , then they slowly circled on the floor , he drew her closer, their thighs brushed .Karen felt the hot and deliciously intense. He turned her ,swung her ,for an exiting moment she pillowed her cheek to his cheek. Then he brushed his knuckles under her chin for just a moment as if he might kiss her. He slide his right arm up to her back , where her skin absorbed a shock over his touch.
    He asked,"Lovely ..............isn't it?"
    "Most enjoyable", she said.
    The music sobbed ,whispered and moaned.
    Once again he swung her and then eased.
    "Alex you are a great dancer"
    He just saw her bright shinny eyes, he came very closer to her and slide his hand through her hair .He touched her lower lip and said inside , "God, but I want to kiss you ,when you looked at me like that"
    He brought his head near to hers ,he gently brushed his lips over hers, but the kiss was over before it starts .Abruptly with out letting his lips over hers ,he took his head back and then once again swung her gently.He couldn't bare the fire from her skin.He just grabbed her closer.She raked her fingers down his chest.
    He pressed his lips overs her lips.Then he pressed his lips over her cheeks , below her ear and kissed along her collar bone. he tumbled into the couch with her passionately.His hand slipped free the top few buttons of her dress.
    Karen was gasped with his moves. She moaned,"Oh god.........I don't know what is happening to me?"
    "I like you very much Karen"
    "No, I am sorry, I cant.........",whispered Karen and tried to push him gently.
    "No Karen you can do this",said Alex and pulled her dress sleeves aside.
    "No ,no........Alex ,stop this"
    "Stop this ", said Karen and pushed him so hardly this time.
    "Don't compel me.......... I think you are ......using me"
    Alex raised her head with his palm and asked," Say what ? Am I using you?"
    "Yes I am sure.......you are"
    Alex got irritated on hearing her words,"Stop talking rubbish"
    She wanted to say something but misery locked the words in her throat. She opened the door and started running.
    "Karen I am sorry please..........don't leave",Shouted Alex and put his hand on his forehead and knelt down on the door way.
    Karen felt her knee's weak, threatened to cave in entirely. She'd opened the door and went inside with her chest heaving.
    She kicked her shoes off and stripped of her clothes. She rolled her pants and tugged a night shirts over her head .She thought of stop thinking about him but she couldn't. A sob rose up in her , but she choked it down. She said ," Dammit why couldn't I stop thinking about him?"
    She thought ,"Why I allowed myself to get carried away like ? why couldn't I act with him the way I had with every other man ?"
    She thought that she need some sleep but where she could get that from. She was rolling in the bed uncomfortably. She groaned she slapped her face many times. She stomped off to bed. And went downstairs, slamming of her door and stormed outside. She started walking , she reached the end of the drive way, then a car came sweeping in, its headlight glaring and dazzling her eyes .
    She darted sideways and raised her arm to shield her eyes. The car stopped and the she dropped her her to see the door swing open. Alex got from the car and planted himself before her.
    "What the hell you are doing ?", whispered Alex with a characteristic of harshness.
    "At midnight............ may I know the reason?"
    "I couldn't sleep..........you?", choked Karen.
    "I forgot something"
    Karen looked at him for a long moment while she held her breath . her chest ached in strangest way.
    "What did you forgot?"
    "Its you", whispered Alex.
    Something forced her to move into his arms as though her heart belonged there . His soul cried out with the need to join with her.
    Thy both went in front of her house , Do you want me to stay tonight"
    "Really ", he raised his voice.
    "Yes.... I mean no"
    He groaned, "May be at some night we can be together"
    "Alex can we sit her for a while and talk"
    They both sat on the entrance step .
    She looked into his eyes and that with him she'd find all the adventure which she'd ever craved.
    "Alex......I think I want to be yours as you wished", said Karen inside her mind.
    Alex started,"Now I am feeling somewhat special........because I have secured you ..........I just love you with all ..........my heart .....soul and to me this is always been enough"
    She bowed her head to his chest she wetted his chest and also his heart so deeply.
    "Karen I don't know whether I am saying these for you or me..........but for my love, for my faith,..........for the open heart..........I feel so grateful, so thank full.
    Karen looked at him the moon light grazed through his face and truly she was spellbound on hearing his words.He cradled the back of her head in one hand and kissed her forehead.Karen got a fist shirt in her palm.
    "Karen....... you are crying?!!!!!!"
    She shook despite the moisture felt on her cheeks.
    "No......they are the cause of happiness"
    That night I slept alone without my chest heaving....but having a lot of love for Alex.
    Then about a halfway way in my sleep. I got disturbed by a very .....very bad dream.I saw a lot of black clouds passing in the sky and i saw people crying so loudly.
    The alarm rang, it was six twenty am. Her was mind in a disturbed condition.She couldnt concentrate in any work whatever she is doing.

    She said to herself," Alex I need you now..........I need you to be here with me"
    She glanced at the window and saw the smoke rising from somewhere in the yard, once again that vision in her dream struck inside her head.
    "What the hell its doing in my head?"
    At about seven fifty , she rang up to Chelsea.........
    "Chelss.......its me Karen, I want to talk to Alex now.....I dont have his number...... please can you call him" ,urged Karen.
    "Oh Karen........he wont be in his house,daily he will leaving to his work by seven......its seven thirty.....any problem?"
    "No no......I'll call you later"
    Karen grabbed her coat and her hand bag and rushed outside and called a taxi cab.
    "Go to WTC", she said and opened the door and slide across to get in.
    "Where should I stop exactly?"
    "I am not sure about that, you just drop drop me over there...... somewhere.........nearby......I would search by myself .......some how"
    At about three miles from the twin towers.......
    "Look at there......... why lot of people were crowded there?"
    She peeped her head outside and murmured, "It is same as the vision..I saw in my dream"
    "Sorry mam we cant go further it seems ..........a lot of crowd over there"
    "Is there any riot is going over there?"
    "Who knows?"
    Just then they heard a big giant thunder like sound which tared everyone's ear.There was a drastic move in everyone's move.She got out of the taxi with an urge , she was horrified to see that same like her dream an huge amount of black smoke was spreaded all over the sky.
    "Every one around me was crying so loudly"
    Her throat strucked and she stopped and took a deep breadth.
    "Alex is also one of the victims in 9/11 attacks"
    Casey stood and went closer to Karen , she was about to cry,
    "I found the love of many....when I know I havn't any, but some how Alex did for me in all ways, Alex did!!!!!!"
    Casey burst into tears on hearing Karen's words.

    [​IMG]THE END.....
    Last edited: May 28, 2010

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  2. jeya04

    jeya04 Senior IL'ite

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    Dear Aruna ,Dhivya , Ramanna , Deva , Kainaath,
    Thank you for sparing your time to read my story,I feel so thankful for all of you.
    Though my English grammar is not very perfect , I'll learn and correct it soon.
    But I was unable to deliver the exact story with the good sense because of my fair English.
    Soon I'll be here with my next story FREAKISH MESMERIZER.
    Good day
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  3. dhivya312

    dhivya312 Senior IL'ite

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    hi jeyanthi,
    the story is too good.....:clap i usually dont like sad endings..... but i loved your story's ending......too good...... i loved alex's love in harshness and the dance sequence....:):bowdown great ma...:):thumbsup eagerly waiting for freakish mesmeriser.:):thumbsup
  4. jeya04

    jeya04 Senior IL'ite

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    Thank you so much Dhivya ......keep reading:)
  5. devapriya

    devapriya IL Hall of Fame

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    You have ended up nice dear......as dhivya told even though your ending was sad, it makes us happy........
    I am very late to this part..... Sorry da.....
  6. ganges

    ganges Gold IL'ite

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    dear jeya

    Fantastic. it is too good to express. Though I felt sad about the ending, I know there are many who lost their love ones in that tragedy. thank you for the touching story dear. do write more.

  7. jeya04

    jeya04 Senior IL'ite

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    Thank you very much deva and ganges
  8. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Jeyanthi
    As was on holiday just couldn't catch up with the final episode. Just got the time to read it.
    Your english is perfect no worries would love to read more from you.
    The ending was sad but a good one. enjoyed reading whole of Heart crash.
  9. jeya04

    jeya04 Senior IL'ite

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    Thank you so much Aruna

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