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heart attack and women

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by leena999, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. leena999

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    Its official now. Earlier heart attacks were things that happened to liberated, stressed out western women on the other side of the globe and people in lesser developed countries had absolutely NOTHING to fear from cancers, heart attacks and neurological disorders which were diseases of the west.

    But with globalization and travelling and world food, we are all in this mess together and women are now just as prone to heart attacks as men,even if not more than men.

    Heart problems essentially start when the arteries pumping fresh oxygenated blood into your heart become diseased due to plaque buildup over years.

    There are many kinds of heart diseases the most common being coronary artery disease(CAD) which included angina which starts with chestpain /discomfort.
    Some early warning signs:
    uneasiness, fatigue, feeling of nausea/vomiting, cold/clammy hands, shortness of breath, pain in shoulders,neck and jaw, tightness in chest area, heartburn/indigestion/anxiety and family history are things to watch out for.

    Factors that contribute to poor heart health:

    high cholesterol and family history, sedentery lifestyle, early menopause,diabetes, obesity and wrong diet are some red flags.

    Heart disease in early stages can be reversed by eating a fibre rich diet with green vegetables and fruits and grains, fish and by getting enough cardio exercise.

    Cut down on passive and active smoking if you are at risk and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

    Keep stress levels down and cut out processed foods from your diet as much as possible.

    Though some of the heartattack syptoms can also be produced by your boyfriend/lover/husband cheating on you, its better to be safe than sorry.


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    U just posted super threads thanks for sharing yaar
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