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HE - Episode 15

Discussion in 'HE - Serial Story' started by varalotti, Feb 15, 2008.

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    A Serial By Varalotti Rengasamy

    Episode 15

    Timeline A

    Part 1

    Tomorrow is an auspicious new moon day. We are going to have a simple ceremony to give you a new name, followed by another ceremony to begin the teaching.”

    Madhavan was surprised.

    “New name for me? What is that and what are you going to teach me?”

    Swamiji placed his hand on Madhavan’s head as if to bless him. Madhavan shivered while Swamiji spoke.

    “I am going to name you Sethu. And I am going to teach you Varmakkalai.”
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  2. varalotti

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    Part 2!

    Part 2

    Timeline A
    The naming ceremony was held on wee hours of morning on the new moon day.

    Swamiji explained the meaning of the verses that were chanted during the ceremony.

    In the Hindu tradition whenever someone renounces the world to become a sanyasin he is given a new name so that he does not psychologically cling to his worldly past.

    Sethu was not initiated into sanyas but some of those verses had a special meaning for him. Swamiji explained their significance.

    “Sanyas is not renouncing your wealth or relationships. It is an absolute renunciation of the past and the future. It’s completely living in the present.

    “If you want to live in the present, if you want to forgive your enemies, the first thing you need to do is die to your past.

    “This very moment I pronounce Madhavan dead. And Sethu is born in his stead. The word Sethu means a bridge. Your new name and your activities from now on will be a bridge between you and your happiness.”

    The lessons started in all earnestness soon after the naming ceremony.

    “Varmakkalai is the least violent of all the martial arts. Yes, you can maim and kill a person with this art. But you can also heal.

    “With the kind of healing powers it possesses, I doubt whether we can still classify it under the heading, martial arts. And in no other science is such an intimate knowledge of a human body made available to us. You have to know your body in order to go beyond it. “

    “It normally takes 10 years to master the art. But we don’t have that kind of time now. I am going to give you an intense course on the principal methods of attack and defence. You have to first know the various “varmas” or the “vital points” in the body….”

    The Varmakkalai lessons were in the morning while in the afternoons Swamiji taught him the Varma Soothiram, the basic Tamil science of healing from which Varmakkalai was born.

    “Compared to Varma Soothiram the Allopathic system of medicine is very violent. Allopathy has an unhealthy focus on the diseases of the body, whereas this system focusses on health.

    “Modern medicine does not even faintly suspect that human beings are something more than their bodies. That’s why it is becoming more and more inhuman with every medical advancement.

    “But in Varma Soothiram the cure is for a specific person with a mind, heart and soul. The cure is not for a specific disease.”

    Sethu’s mind became highly focussed. After a while Swamiji segregated him from the rest of the crowd to have a special one to one lesson late in the night.

    Unlike a modern University where the lessons are transferred from the minds of the professors to those of the students, in most cases, in a mindless manner, Swamiji’s lessons came from his heart and was mixed with an extra dose of love the teacher had for his student.

    No wonder the learning process was also a kind of unique psychotherapy for Sethu.

    Swamiji specially taught him the art of massaging the human body. He explained to him that the masseur should be in a state of meditative silence and be praying to God for the health and well-being of the person who has placed himself at the mercy of the masseur.

    Sethu was asked to lie down and Swamiji himself did a perfect massage on him making him feel the various pressure points on his body. Then he made another student to lie down on the massage table and demonstrated the treatment.

    “If massaging is properly done it will remove not only the bodily pains but also the waste the mind has accumulated.

    “By juggling the positions and the pressure points you can make a person sleep, or wake him up, arouse him sexually, kill all his sexual desires, give him added vigour, or destroy all his energy.“
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  3. varalotti

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    Part 3!

    Part 3

    Timeline A

    Two and a half years rolled by. Madhavan was virtually dead. In his place was a much more matured, a much more balanced, a much wiser and a much kinder Sethu. Swamiji had been closely monitoring his progress.

    It was a full Moon day. Swamiji and Sethu were sitting near the sea and discussing some intricate points of Varma Soothiram.

    Swamiji was impressed by Sethu’s learning.

    “Sethu, my child, what started on a new moon day has come to a culmination on this full Moon day. Your lessons are over. You are going to leave us soon.”

    Sethu had never expected that.

    He was now at home in the Ashram. He had started teaching the other students. He was also massaging the people who came to the Ashram. He was sought after by students and the patients.

    He was very comfortable there. He could not think of a life outside the Ashram without the loving Swamiji to bless him every day.

    “But Swamiji, I don’t want to go. I’ll spend the rest of my life here in this Ashram, doing service to you and the people around here. Make me a sanyasin like yourself.”

    “Don’t be foolish, Sethu. You are not meant to be here. If I had made you to cling to me, then I have failed as your Master.

    “The real Master makes him unnecessary soon after the teaching his over. The real master is dispensable and has to be necessarily so. Only fakes manipulate to make themselves indispensable.”

    “Swamiji, the outside world is cruel.. .. greedy….”

    “Agreed. But that’s the only real world we have, Sethu. This Ashram is not real. This is a make-believe. This is like the simulated flight where pilots are trained. But you have to fly a real aircraft in the real world. Otherwise your training is useless.

    “Sethu, human relationships is the only school where you can learn, grow and one day become enlightened.

    “Enlightenment is not running away from relationships; it is not taking refuge in the Himalayas. Enlightenment is the art of moving with your fellow creatures while preserving the majesty and serenity of the Himalayas in the deepest parts of your being.”

    “Swamiji.. how.. can I manage…”

    Swamiji laughed aloud.

    “Remember Sethu when you came in as Madhavan two and a half years ago, I told you that I will drive your car for you for a while.

    “That was because your car had come off the road and you did not know how to get it back on the road. I have now got it ready for you. It’s time you take charge of your vehicle.”

    “But I want to see you .. be with you…..”

    “Whenever you are true to my teaching, whenever your touch heals, whenever you give happiness to another human being, remember I will be with you.

    “Attachment to a physical form, even if it is that of one’s Guru or for that matter, even that of God, is a major roadblock on the path of spiritual development.”

    Sethu did not know what to say.

    “I am not going to you send you alone. You have been denied a mother’s love in this life till now. I am going to get you a mother and send you out along with her.”

    Before the end of that month Nalini came crying to Swamiji. She could not have a child of her own and her husband had deserted her. Swamiji handed over Sethu to her care.

    Nalini knew only some sketchy details of Sethu’s past. Swamiji had just told her that Sethu had been cheated by his wife and his friends.
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    Part 4!

    Part 4

    Timeline B

    Nalini did not even have a wink of sleep. She knew that Sethu had planned an attack on Balki only on that night. Sethu had promised to call her first thing in the morning. Till she heard from Sethu that he was safe, she could not be peaceful.

    Sharada on the other hand had a nice sleep. She felt kind of “arrived in life” when Sethu accepted her love. She knew that their marriage was beset with a lot of problems. But for her Sethu’s love in itself was more than enough.

    Sharada woke up in the middle of the night. Nalini was sitting up on her bed. Sharada got up and placed her hands on Nalini’s shoulders. It was 2 AM.

    “Are you all right, Nalini?”

    “I am not. I am scared to death because of that idiot. Does he think he is God? Who is he to punish that villain? He is not punishing Balki; he is punishing me. I cant bear this any more, Sharada.”

    “Oh, Nalini, when will you understand Sethu? He is far more powerful and intelligent than Balki. Don’t worry. You’ll get a call from Sethu early in the morning. Now, please try to get some sleep.”

    Sharada was woken up by Nalini at 6:30.

    “Good Morning, Nalini.”

    Nalini did not have the mind to reciprocate her greeting.

    “I haven’t got a call from Sethu yet. If I stay here any longer I am sure to die of a heart attack. I am going to Sethu’s flat right now. Do you want to come along?”


    “You have just ten minutes to get ready.”

    Sharada had never seen Nalini talking in that tone. But she could understand a mother’s anguish.
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    Part 5!

    Part 5

    Timeline B

    When Nalini and Sharada reached Sethu’s flat in Ram Nagar, Saidapet, it was half past seven.

    Nalini virtually ran the two flights of stairs. She pressed the bell with all her might. There was no response. She tried calling him. She was knocking the door vehemently. Still there was no response.

    “You see that idiot has not come yet. Now what are we going to do? Should we call the Police? What can we tell them? That Sethu being God Himself went out to punish evil and is now missing in action. We will make fools of ourselves.”

    “Nalini, why are you getting worked up? Let me see.”

    Sharada tried to open the door and it opened. Sethu had not locked it. Nalini ran into the flat followed by Sharada.

    Sethu was in his bed. His mouth was continually mumbling something. She placed her ears close to his mouth.

    She could not make any sense of what Sethu said.Then she instinctively placed her hands on his forehead. It was as hot as an oven.

    “My God! He has a very high fever. He has lapsed into dementia.”

    Till the Doctor came, examined Sethu and told them that there was nothing to worry, Nailni was restless. Sharada was a little concerned but peaceful.

    In the meanwhile Sethu had woken up and was fully alert.

    “I have prescribed some paracetamols and antibiotics. Let him take rest for two days. He’ll be fine.”

    Nalini heaved a sigh of relief. She was back to her old charming self.

    As soon as the Doctor left the place, Sethu started to talk.

    “Ma’am, please, there’s no need for those medicines.”

    “Are you crazy, Sethu?”

    “No, I am not, Ma’am. My body will violently react to antibiotics. I will be cured just by changing my food for today and tomorrow. And that’s the first lesson in Varma Soothiram. Food when taken properly is a medicine that heals. And when taken improperly it’s a poison that kills.”

    “Ok,ok, don’t start a lecture now. Tell me what happened? Why the hell did you forget to call me?”

    Sethu told her everything. He also told her about the guilt he was carrying in his mind.

    “I have violated my vows, Ma’am. I have betrayed my Swamiji. He is never going to forgive me.

    Why should I hit an innocent bystander? And that too with so much force? I am sure he is going to be paralysed for the rest of his life.”

    “Do you know who the person is?”

    Sharada wanted to help.

    “Can you describe him to me?”

    “It was dark. I could not see his face clearly. He should be in his fifties. My hitting him was almost a reflex action.”

    “Sethu, don’t let guilt overwhelm you. When you did that you acted as if you were possessed by something, some unseen force. You did not plan to hit that spectator in the same way you did, to hit Balki.

    “So there was some greater force which acted through you. Now raise a question within you, “Why on earth did I do that?”

    “Don’t become judgmental. That’s not going to get you anywhere. Try to understand and not to judge.

    “Don’t you remember the words of our Swamiji – “When you want to know something, throw yourself into Nature’s lap. Mother Nature has an astonishing way of answering all your questions, even the ones you have not yet thought of.”

    Sethu was pacified to an extent. Nalini held his hands in hers and told him in softly,

    “Now relax. Don’t worry about anything.”

    Sethu was completely pacified. Nalini stood up and turned to Sharada.

    “Sharada.. can.. you..”

    “Don’t worry, Nalini, I’ll be here with him. I will prepare his food and attend on him.”

    Sethu tried to decline. But the ladies did not leave him any choice in the matter.

    “Sharada, take care. I’ll come late in the evening. If you want anything call me on my mobile.”
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    Part 6!

    Part 6

    Timeline B

    Sharada was lying on the floor using her hand as a pillow. Sethu had taken nothing but a bowl of rice gruel.

    Sethu offered to order lunch for Sharada from a nearby mess. But Sharada flatly refused. She also had the same rice gruel.

    Sethu was peaceful now. Nalini, by her motherly love, had converted his guilt into a mystery. Sethu remembered the words of Swamiji quoted by Nalini.

    He had now raised the question in his mind. His adoptive mother had driven him gracefully to Mother Nature’s lap. But even Sethu did not expect that Nature would give him the answers in less than two days.

    Sharada had always slept in the softest of mattresses in airconditioned comfort. But now lying on the cool grey mosaic floor she felt very happy and fulfilled. Her happiness was so overwhelming that she could not get a wink of sleep.

    She sat up every now and then just to see Sethu sleeping peacefully. She was almost drunk with happiness when she heard the door bell.

    She checked the time. It was not even three in the afternoon. Nalini had promised to come only around seven.

    She went to the door. Nalini’s face was ashen.

    Sethu had also woken up.

    Nalini and Sharada went into his bed room.

    “I could not focus on my work. Just came to check on you.”

    Nalini was not used to telling lies. And that clearly showed.

    “Relax, Sethu. I’ll come again in the evening.”

    As she was about to go she signed to Sharada to come out of the room.

    Sharada allowed some time and then walked out of the room.

    She was shocked to see a Police Inspector and two constables waiting for her.

    Nalini spoke.

    “Inspector, this is Sharada. Sharada, he came to the hotel searching for you. He badly wanted to see you. I had to bring him here.”

    The Inspector was looking at Sharada.

    “Madam, are you Mrs. Sharada Balakrishnan?”

    Sharada mumbled a feeble yes.

    “Did you walk out of your husband’s house on the 18<sup>th</sup> of last month?”


    “Did you take anything valuable from the house?”

    Sharada remembered the jewels, shares and bank deposit receipts she took along with her.

    “Yes. But they are all mine.”

    “But you did carry some valuables from the house, right?”


    “I’m sorry,Madam. I have to arrest you.”

    “What for, Inspector?”

    “Mr.Balakrishnan has lodged a complaint that some valuables are missing from his house and he strongly suspects that you might have taken them with you.”

    “But they are all mine, Inspector. I’ll give evidence.”

    “Sorry, Madam, that’s for the Court to decide. Right now I have to arrest you on charges of theft.”

    Sharada was shocked into silence.

    “You don’t have to, Inspector. And you can’t.”

    The voice startled them all. A middle-aged woman was walking towards them. She had the lawyer’s black coat over her white-coloured cotton saree.

    Nalini’s face brightened.

    “Thanks a lot for coming. I thought you are going to be late.”

    “Don’t worry Nalini. I’ll take charge from now on.”

    The Inspector was a little annoyed.

    “But Madam, you are obstructing a Government servant from doing his duty.”

    “Objection, Inspector. I am helping a Government servant to see what his real duty is.”

    “Madam, this is an open and shut case. A theft has happened.”

    “Objection again, Inspector. When a person takes her own property do they define it as theft? Have they amended the Indian Penal Code to enlarge the definition of theft? If so, they should have done it only last night. For I have not yet seen today’s law reports.”

    The Inspector was annoyed. Then the lawyer now spoke in a language the Inspector could understand.

    “Mr.Mariappan, I know you and you know me. I hear that your name is in the promotion list. You are going to be made an ASP soon. This wrong decision may cost you your long-pending promotion.

    “Do you know that the complainant is in the hospital with a serious ailment? Are you aware that he cannot protect you any longer? I’ll personally sign a bond for this lady.

    “Anytime you want I’ll bring her to the police station for enquiry. But if you insist on arresting her, remember that it will be a major news in tomorrow’s papers.

    “Once that happens you can as well kiss your career good bye. It’s your call, Inspector. And you have exactly five minutes.”

    The firmness and the politeness with which the threat was administered startled the wary police officer.

    The lawyer took Nalini and Sharada aside. Nalini and Sharada were in tears. They did not know how to thank her.

    “Nalini, she has to sign these papers right now. I am moving an anticipatory bail for her, just in case.

    “But a lot of developments have taken place. I am so very excited. Why don’t you guys come to my office, let’s say, the day after tomorrow around seven?”

    “We will.”

    Meanwhile the Inspector had taken a decision.

    “Madam, just give an assurance that this lady will not go out of town without letting us know. I fully rely on you.”

    “Don’t worry, Inspector. And advance congratulations for your promotion. You have taken a very wise decision.”

    The Inspector left the place.

    Sharada held the lawyers hands again and thanked her.

    “You saved my honour. I don’t even know your name.”

    “Oh, I forgot. I am Advocate Kalpana.“

    Of course Nalini and Sharada did not know that it was the same lawyer who had walked into Madhavan’s life as a guardian angel and had tried to warn him against the Vulture.
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  7. roopadadia

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    Great going.

    Now i am awaiting to read the new twist in the story.

  8. chocolate

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    Re: Part 6!

    What a strange turn of events. The lawyer is helping madhavan again by helping sharada. Nice movement of story. Wonder what happened to Priya. Did she fall prey to the vulture.
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  9. Kamla

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    Another well written episode Varalotti. But the sense of suspense does not desert me!
    You are sort of tying up all the loose ends and things are into falling place as the two time lines are merging. So far so good.
    BUT, what about Priya?? Why did you make Priya suffer so much for no fault of her's ? Why did she have to lose her happy marriage and the love of her life for good...Three, or is it two...years is a loooong time. My heart goes out for Priya.
    I want to see her happy...???....:)

    L, Kamla
  10. Arunarc

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    Dear Varalotti
    A nice episode...............But I am too waiting to know what is going to happen to Priya...........A new twist in Sharada's life.............

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