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Have You Ever Felt That Physical Intimacy Is Reducing With Time ?

Discussion in 'Intimacy' started by anitalovesyou, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. anitalovesyou

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    Have you ever felt your husband is losing interest in physical intimacy ? How important is physical intimacy in a marriage ? Can a marriage survive without it, if all other factors are going good. Factors like job tension, work load, looks, figure, affair, family disturbance, etc, everything is taken care off, and still losing interest in physical intimacy..... is it possible ?
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  2. pinky2cute

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    Yes. Possible. Not just intimacy....if you take anything in life.... The initial phase is always energetic and enthusiastic and curiosity is there. Be it initial days in a new job or initial days of marriage. When we get comfortable in the routine life, the excitement, the curiosity fades away.
    Our mind is like that.

    But there are few couples who even in their forties are more intimate frequently.
    There are couples who fight a lot...disagree with everything, have different opinions about everything in life n still end of the day, they both are crazily making love at nights.
    And then there are others who do not have sex at all despite being in a healthy marriage with kids and good understanding and love between the couple.

    It all depends on each couple's equation.

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