Have courage to hear truth and speak truth

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by hasa, Jan 7, 2008.

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    How do you look? !!!!!!!!

    Do you want people to praise you.............

    Everyone of us is hungry to hear Good about ourselves....

    But I want to know that, for you, whose praise matters the most..

    1) A person who always praises you..
    2)A person who never praises you,but when you ask ,he tells you yes u r looking good...
    3)A person who tells you the truth ,,when you are looking Good ,he praises you ,,,and if not then tells you frankly...

    I know ,nobody wants to hear bad about oneself....

    But for me No. 3 category is the best...If someone has the courage to tell you that you are not looking Good,,means his judgement is not biased...So,,when such a person praises you,,then it definitely means that you are looking good..

    A true friend is someone who tells you where you are wrong ,so that you can improve yourself....

    Sometimes you feel bad ,if someone says you are not looking good,,or you are looking a bit overweight,,or a bit dull,,,but If someone is saying this,,there must bee truth in this,,so you can take this criticism positively,,and improve yourself...

    So, have courage to h
    ear truth and speak truth about others,,,,

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    Very nice post, Hasa.

    I too would take the words from category 3.
    If my friend wears a dress which doesn't match her well, I would say that the other dress which she wore yesterday/other day suited her well.


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