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Has Your Wish Ever Come True? Share Your Experience

Discussion in 'Queries on Religion & Spirituality' started by Ihavehope, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Ihavehope

    Ihavehope Silver IL'ite

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    Hello Ladies,

    Has your wish ever come true? It could be any wish - a baby, financial stability, ideal spouse, joint family, single family- anything. Do you want to share a miracle that happened to you or someone you know?

    I wanted to start this thread to instill positive thoughts and faith to those who are suffering...

    Please share
    -What was your wish?
    -What steps you took to fulfill your wish (Prayer/shloka/faith, Positive thinking, water therapy, affirmations etc)
    - How long did it take for it come true?
    - Are you happy with the consequences


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