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    We all earn our money in a hard way only,esp employed .women have to make many a sacrifices during employment.So when you decide to go for investment,pl be careful & follow certain discipline.
    1.Don't be greedy & do not go for companies giving unusual high rates of interest.
    2.When investing in shares just don't depend on media /otters opinion. if posible analyse or seek some close ones ( who should have knowledge) advice.
    3.While investing in share linked insurances be very careful.Now the rules are made very strict.Still they take all kind of charges on earth & invest only the remaining in MF units.
    4.Please follow ur investments regularly.
    5. If u invest in blue chip shares, based on ur need have a long term target.Then only ur money will multiply.
    There are so many things to observe.Don't let ur hard earned money to depreciate in value.
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