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Happy Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by SGBV, Feb 14, 2023.

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    The supreme happiness of life consists in the conviction that one is loved.

    On this valentine's day, I decided to take a trip down my memory lane and revisit those wonderful moments in life that gave me not just happiness, but wonderful lessons to live life better.

    When I was 16, I met this guy, who taught me what is infatuation. I met him at ordinary level (Plus 1) examination center in Sri Lanka, and he sat next to me. He was from a different school, so I had no idea about this boy. But I referred him "Jonty Rhodes" as he resembled the great South African cricket guy.
    I admired him throughout the examination period (for 10 days), and felt immense happiness from inside.
    He didn't even turn at me during this time, and we departed without a goodbye on the last day of the exam.

    I was 19 when I really loved a person other than someone from our close knit family. It was more of a love for a brother, than a couple love that time.
    I started working at a bank as an intern while I was in college, and he was 3 years senior to me. We both worked in that bank and got along so well that time. We would eat together, take our breaks together, and chit chat while working. It was so fun, and he was so protective of me. I liked the attention he gave me, and really loved the way he protected me.
    I seriously missed an elder brother that time, as my dad was away (abroad), and my younger brother was too young to protect me from the world when I first went outside of the nest.
    But he thought it was love, and forced me for a committed relationship.
    That was it. The practical side in me did not want to commit on anything before I stand on my own feet. This one was an inter-racial affair and I knew it can never be accepted in our country. So, we painfully departed.
    He still remain in my heart as a lovely friend for all the care and protection he gave me that time.

    I met my husband on a bus ride from my university to home town. I was 21 then.
    There was an island wide strike, and no busses were going towards our city that day. So, we somewhat caught the last bus which was going to a different city, towards ours.
    There was no seats available, yet me and my best friend got inside and prepared to stand for the next 5 hrs just to go home in time.
    There I saw a familiar guy, who has recently moved in to our apartment complex. Until then, we haven't talked to each other, but we knew each other!
    He approached me and offered his seat in the bus. I reluctantly accepted without knowing we will be travelling together for life.

    Even after marriage, I must admit that I really liked the attention and love from other guys, who were just passing clouds in my life. The experiences with them time to time give immense pleasure from within. But I never crossed the boundary for the moral responsibility I have as a person.

    Almost 20 years from my first puppy love, and after 14 years of marriage life, I realized self love is the only love that can give you permanent attention, care and love. That is the only love you can permanently feel from within and always help you evolve as a better person.

    Love yourself, everything will fall in line.

    I started loving myself, and prioritizing myself for the first time last year. It was a year of magic for me.
    So much of self transformation. So much of independence, so much of self validation and what not.

    Your are the only one that knows in and out side of you. You are the only one that will always stand by you. You are the only one that will travel with you throughout your ups and downs. So, cherish the YOU in you, protect the YOU in you, appreciate the YOU in you and learn to prioritize the YOU in you.

    On this Valentine's day, while remembering all the loves of my life, and gifting my better half a special gadget, I decided to do something very special for myself this year.

    I booked a spa, and going to do my hair, facial and body treatment today. This is expensive, but I heard this will be a very relaxing experience.
    This will help me transform myself and make me look younger.

    I have enrolled to the Gym and Yoga this week for the first time, and subscribed to a meditation program. Considering my health battles, I think this is one of the best gift I could gift myself.

    I will go for shopping, just for myself.... and plan on a trip to Bangkok with girls only gang this summer. This will happen first time after almost 20 years!

    I will consider going for movies alone, and solo trips within the country on weekends just to be myself and give the best possible attention to myself.

    I think I have given all the needed attention to everyone around me till date. I will continue to give the same attention to all my loved ones forever. But no harm in giving a little attention to myself here and there!

    Happy Valentine's day dears!

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    Thanks. Superb jottings. A feather touch.
    God bless.
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