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    The astrological movements of planets and stars determine the advent of new year. The 60 year cycle completes one such set.

    Thus there is a new year every year and every 60 year there is a fresh cycle of new years.

    The entry of sun into the aries marks this event. Though the tamil, telugu, kannada and malayalam new years do not fall on the same day, these are more are less about same month 15 days this way or that way.

    History teaches us that the italian/Roman era marks a fresh season starting from july and august ( julius caeser and augustus caeser)

    The advent of january middle marks the dawn of utharAyanam. This is the popluar 'thai' month opening gates for ausipicious events.

    Not falling into any of these categories is this January 1.

    The english people who entered India exploited the human and other resources, left certain indelible marks on us.

    The federal republic system, the defence system, the bureacratic system are some of these.

    The english language also which was thrust upon us has been embraced by us voluntarily, paving way for criticism for adapting an alien language. This curse has been become a boon for software industry giving the vital edge.

    The globalisation has perhaps given to us the wester culture also alongiwth the advantages.

    I used to wonder why the new year culture has spread like this. The new year greetings in the form of paper, emails and sms apart from perosnal meetings has permeated from top notch to the lowest class of people
    Never have i seen such a frenzy in tamil new year nor ugadi or vishu except for some cultural programmes telecast in the television channels.The nocturnal bashes, the opulent parties, the
    extended eventides stretching beyond midnight extending upto dawn are the flavour of the season.

    Nevertheless, the greatest advantage of this has been social gatherings and a sense of togetherness in an otherwise competitive world and cut throat competition.

    As far as we are concerned, the dawn of new year or era is the day when we realise the true values of our cult -the srevaishNavite cult.

    This of course, is blessed to us by EmperumAn and flows thorugh our AchAryan.adhuvum avanadhu in aruLEa..(ThiruvAimo zhi 8-8-3)

    Thirumazhisaip piran declares that one is not born till this realisation emerges.

    (anRu nan piRandhilEan-Thiruchandhavrutha m 64)

    Poizhgai AzvAr dooms it as a waste the erstwhile days -pazhudhEa pala pagalum pOyina enRu anji azhudhEan ..Mudhal ThiruvandhAdhi 16.

    The Grace of EmperumAn is the symbol of birth for us.
    jAyamAna kAla kadAksham-Sri Azhagai maNavALap perumAL nAyanAr declares in the divine work 'AchArya Hrdhayam'.

    This is underscored in the vyAkyAnam for angan mA gnALam for the words
    ankaN iraNdum koNdu engaL meal nOkkudhiyEal...(ThiruppAvai 22)

    Sri piLLai lOkAchAryAr in His ultimate work Sri VAchaNa bHUshaNam summarises that
    The Grace of Acharyan is the ultimate refuge
    AchArya abhimAnamEa uthArakam.

    The AchAryan's grace falls on us through EmperumAn's Grace. This leads to Thirumathram resluting in eradication of all evils.

    The day EmperumAn's Grace falls on us, The achAryan's grace befalls us, the realisation of EmperumAn and His devotees is the dawn of new era, new day.

    The localites of Azhagar kOil used to wear new clothes and after harvest submit to 'Para svami' and do mangaLA sAsanam " OH!Lord LOng live YOur divine feet"
    and then take feast.
    'vun pon adi vAzhga enRu inakkuRavar pudhiyadhuNNum ezhil mAl irum sOlai enthAi" periyAzhvAr thirumzohi.5- 3-3 ;

    Such type of attitude is the aim and the day we get transformed ourselves spontaneously,


    The dawn of the new year.

    Happy New Year

    vanamamalai padmanabhan
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    Hi Pammor,

    Thank you for sharing. Keep posting in IL!!!! Your contributions are valuable!

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