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Had the Roses chosen to wither.......

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Malathijagan, May 25, 2007.

  1. Malathijagan

    Malathijagan Silver IL'ite

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    Dear Kamla,
    Thank you for your compliments.All my poems were written mostly for my own emotional let out -joy or sorrow. Some how, I have never thought of publishing till now and neither have I the idea of publishing in the future and I don't even know whether people would like them. But I have always shared them with my close friends who have been very supportive. I have also a few circle of people who get in touch with me when they need emotional help and I do my best to help them out of their problems. Thank you once again.
  2. varalotti

    varalotti IL Hall of Fame

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    Beautiful words, Malathi. You made me stop on my tracks, immobilised me while idly browsing the site in the post-lunch session.

    That to die Ye dare and to live Ye fear?
    Oh, Ye fresh blooms yet to blossom!
    Ye know not thy fragrance!
    For if the rose had chosen to wither
    When still in its infancy,
    Would the world have smelt the rose
    And made it the Queen of flowers?

    These words are sure to stand the test of time. Hats off to you, Malathi. May your talent grow.

    I am reminded of the the gruesome death I witnessed at my neighbours house 7 years ago. The boy, who was in his XI standard, unable to bear the humiliating words of his Teacher set himself ablaze. The parents were too shocked even to cry. I had the misfortune of seeing the charred body at very close quarters. My God! I can never forget that sight.

    Well done, Malathi.
  3. sujathae

    sujathae Senior IL'ite

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    Dear Malathi, Wonderful! Ur poem is great! The children of these days are not mentally prepared to face the failures. We forget to teach the basic thing that every coin has two sides and if one wins other should definitely lose. Ofcourse, they work hard but when they come across failures they r unable to digest it. One of my friend's daughter is an excellent student. When she was in her 10th std she use to do 150 problems in Maths everyday, she revised her science lessons 10 times throughout the year. With so much effort put in we all expected her to come first in the school and pass out with flying colours. But she missed somewhere and got only 91% in maths and 98% in science. She stood 8th in her school and she could not take that. She was expecting very good marks and she was hoping that her photographs would come out in newspapers. But when she couldn't achieve that she was very upset and told "better put my name in obituary. I am fit only for that". My friend and her family were so scared and they were with the girl every moment until the girl could be consoled. So what I feel is we should make the child understand that the live consists of both failures and successes. When the child understand this then they will put up a brave face when they come across failures.

    Thanks and regards,

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