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H4 Prisoner in need of help/suggestions

Discussion in 'H4 Indian Ladies' started by monarchana, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. monarchana

    monarchana New IL'ite

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    Hello ladies,

    Well, I am a regular visitor to this website which was helpful for me in various ways.
    However this is the 1st time i joined and posting a thread in any forums ever.
    I have a peculiar problem and can't share it with parents, in-laws or even friends.
    Thought of sharing with you all invisible friends, hoping for a resolution or suggestions.

    To begin I am married 4 years back and blessed with a beautiful baby girl.
    All is well but there has been this money issues cropping up every now and then between us.
    I come from lower middle class family and ours is love marriage.
    My hubby knows about the financial condition and the marriage is done with his major contributions.
    He otherwise is a good person who takes very good care of me.
    But I have this problem i.e. I am irresponsible at times and tend to forget/neglect few things.Though these things doesn't impact much but at times make monetary loss.( Late fee,fines etc)
    He began to get frustrated & says he is been burdened and wanted to share the burden.
    The problem being I am on H4 visa and mine is MBA degree. Also he is not very keen to allow me to do baby sitting, selling cooked food etc.He also doesn't want any disturbances in the routine.
    He knows very well that I cant do any work with a toddler around. This became a nuisance now a days and started to cause lot of mental torture for me since few bitter words are said about my parents. I used to work since my college days and was never been dependent on somebody ever before coming to USA.Also I was never this forgettable/negligent person ever in my life before. At times I feel the food I am having is also his earnings and just cant get it digested.
    I know I can work once we get EAD but we aren't sure about that right now.
    I am leaving to India in a week for a 2 month vacation. I wanted to seek permission from my in-laws if I can stay back in India and work from there. My husband denied this but He knows very well and he still wants me to earn in US so that I know the value of money.
    I am willing to work from home if you can give me some options.I know there are some work from home options in India but I can do the same from US and the earnings could be in INR, I can deposit the same in Indian Bank & transfer the same when required.Any such ideas please do let me know
    I eagerly await your input/help/suggestions.


  2. ramyaramani

    ramyaramani Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    @mona every family/couple have fights with respect to financial situation. You say your husband takes good care of you otherwise. So your thoughts of staying back in India etc...seems to be hasty. You are inviting trouble by thinking of staying back in India.

    yes being on H4 is not the best situation. But the best we can do is try and save money if possible. Try to keep reminders to help you take care of things on time. At the end of the day there are very few work from home jobs that are actually genuine and pay well.

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