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    To whom do you attribute the sucess/ Modi or BJP or both?
    I consider it is Mody's development plans which has contributed to the sucess. BJP is just basking under the reflected glory! I don't think Advani was that happy with Modi. Now he has come back the party fears whether he would become larger than the canvass.
    Iam told personally that even the tribal communty gives him full support. The Gujarathi psyche is different from other communities. Business is the forte. A boy/girl has more business sense than any of us. See how Guajarathi boys do "Dhanda" in Bombay. The population hardly believes in Hindutva definition of BJP.
    This makes us think twice and we are faced with the problem-What would happen if the individual in a party is more vibrant charismatic powerful than the party.? Comment. kanaka

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    Hi Kanaka,

    I too believe, its b'coz of Modi that the party won in Gujurat. He has done so much of development work in the last 5 yrs. Maybe it was a small step, but it made so much difference.
    I read that he is one CM who knows the officials, from the top to bottom by their names.
    Ofcourse, it is not a so good trend when a individual towers over the party ...............
    But if he can move forward and not bank on only past glory , its a good sign.

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