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Go Goa : Hell lot of excitment, much more than I bargained for.

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by amihere, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. amihere

    amihere Platinum IL'ite

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    After breakfast and final settlement of bills we bid good bye to Varca. We hired the hotel taxi (the cab charge was 1600/- till Baga for drop). After around an hour and a half we reached Baga and started searching for Shelsta Resort. Once you reach Calangute take the road to Baga beach and go straight, after some time you will see a Subway on your right hand side. The Resort is on the adjacent side to subway.

    Resort was really good,:thumbsup the room rent was 800/- (For non-a/c they charge 900/- , its run by a lady called Sheila. They don’t have any site as such, if any one need their contact PM me.) The room was good enough for 800/-. They don’t have a T.V in the room, which is a good thing. After all who want to veg out in front of a T.V during vacation right? Especially on a beach vacation. After checking in we went to subway for our lunch. After lunch we decided to take a walk to Baga beach and check out the neighborhood. The beach is around 15minutes walk from the hotel. On our way back we hired a bike from one Mr.Peter for 200/- per day for 3days. Came back to our hotel and had a nice sleep till evening. We decided to head to Anjuna flea market and then to Baga and Calangute beach in evening. First we went to Baga. (There is a parking fee of 10/- for four hours). I wore a white Tshirt and didn’t want to even touch the water for the fear of it getting spoiled. But who knew Lord Almighty was smiling at my decision. During our walk a guy approached us for parasailing and after verifying with him that we won’t get wet I agreed. (Sob sob, I warn you guys, parasailing will make you wet from hair to toe).I covered my sling bag and items in the bag in two polythene covers to make it sure no water entered the bag. Then they gave us life jacket to wear and took us to a bigger boat, which is in the sea, in a smaller one. The moment the boat took in the incoming wave….flap…..both DH & I got a shower of water and got completely wet:drowning. From the smaller boat we were asked to get into the bigger one, about 500meters-1km inside the sea!!! Can you believe it? I prayed to my lord and chanted all prayers I knew. Then they started checking for the wind and unfolded the parachute. Made us wear the belt to which it’s to be attached. And with DH behind me we took off ….OMG!! The experience was one of a kind. Flying above the mighty ocean, swaying with the blowing wind. After 10minutes or so they pulled us back into the boat and took us back to the beach. We paid 2400/- for the sport. But I guess if you had bargained more you might be able to get it further reduced. We headed back to our hotel and had a nice bath. (Don’t ask me about the T-shirt, my bag has stamped its mark on it as if to remember the parasailing experience).

    We had our dinner from casa portugesa :coffeeThis is a wonderful place, a colonial portugese house converted to a hotel. It’s open daily (except Monday) from 7-11PM. The owner, Mr.Francis, enquires about the food and ambience etc coming to each diner. The waiters are dressed in colonial kind of uniforms and the food is served in mud pots. The dinner table arrangement and everything in the hotel reminds you of the vintage period.
    One dish will cost you 360/- and upwards, but you get a starter(with four different kind of bread sticks), a salad and a glass of wine each as compliment!!!!

    Go Goa Part I

    Go Goa Part II

    Go Goa Part III

    Go Goa Part IV

  2. rgsrinivasan

    rgsrinivasan IL Hall of Fame

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    That was a very nice travelogue amihere. Interesting to read and conveys the necessary information as well with an authentic touch. Thanks for sharing. -rgs

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