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glad somebody is at it....!

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sathya, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    sometime back i wrote a story in tamil...about a marriage reception ..how a sister wanted to give something special as token of attending the marriage...not the usual coconuts but something....
    her gardner comes enquiring if she can help
    at first she is angry for the intrution but says she will look into it in the evening..
    she hits upon the idea to give something different...so calls the gardner over and gets the approval of her father too..
    she is so excited and gets the paper bags etc ready.
    the saplings vermicompost in tiny bags all ready at the reception hall... the reception is in full swing...
    she finds there is more crowd in the saplings section than in the dining hall and `talks' like

    hey you think it is because it is environment day today?
    how many will they give?
    do they have that jasmine i want so badly?
    hello can i have two one for me and one for my sis?
    little one give that aunty a double kiss... for the plants dear
    wow good thinking have to try it for our grahapravesam too..
    can we collect the sweet meats tomorrow from your house i would like to pick one more plant from here ...
    hey gardner you think that mango is alphonse?...how long before it can fruit?
    what about the coconut are they the dwarf variety..
    are there any tree varieties for bonsai?

    the reception hall was crowded with more people leaving with plants than having dinner...!
    maybe it wasnt presented well this piece did not get selected in any magazine...so i let it stay
    but today one of our staff came running to say ...hey you know somebody is giving away saplings for kaathukuthu function... i was delighted ...atleast if my story didnt get published... the thought to give away plants at functions sure has been taken....!


  2. Tamildownunder

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    Dear Sathya,

    It is a nice idea of yours to give plants as gifts. While I was in Melbourne we used to have a weekly vegetable market where nearby villagers will sell their products. I have seen many people buying the plants and carrying it proudly as if the plants are new born kids they are carrying from hospital.


  3. Shanvy

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    Hi satya,

    Yesterday proudly brought few more plants. was thinking about your post 11.20lacs. and again here u are back with a innovative gifting idea.

    Sometime back, i heard that there was group which allowed people to plant saplings in the remembrance of a person...i thought it was a nice idea. have to find out if it is still in vogue..will definitely post the details if i come across.

    Was it a ruskin bond story about a man and the tree a lesson so long long ago... but it really had packed a punch that we all planted plants in school in the gardens that was alloted to each class. yes those were the days... these days schools dont even have playgrounds..
  4. Vysan

    Vysan Gold IL'ite

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    Your idea of giving away saplings on occassions is great.......

    In Muscat which is supposed to be a desert, in the main highway you can see more greenery than in Chennai or any other metros in India..... When I was a small kid I used to read King Ashoka planted trees along the road etc... But I am seeing that here.... Great Job.....

    Greenery is required for this Great Mother Earth... We are talking of Global Warming / Climatic Changes etc... Allover....

    Keep up ur pasumai Puratchi....


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