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Girl And Boy, Boy And Girl, For All Time

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jun 24, 2021.

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    I never told you
    How much I liked you
    Around you I was always Shy
    Yet I never wanted to Hide

    I befriended one of your Friend
    Just so you would remain Nearby
    But I choose foolishly
    Your friend had an Evil Eye

    He was nasty, he was mean
    He was cruel, he was gangrene
    In the end I grew strong
    Because I realized he was wrong

    I told him to take I hike
    He apologized
    And rode away on his
    Cheap-@$$ bike

    Many year later
    I see you married
    That smart girl in Class
    She spoke
    Yet didn't have any Sass

    How I wish I
    Took her Place
    Now you have a Baby Registry
    And a lovely Nursery
    That takes up a big Space

    How I wish I spoke
    How I wish I said Good morning
    Or at least a simple Hello

    You were Smart
    You were Kind
    You were cute and Geeky
    For class, you were always on Time

    God Bless you and Your Family!

    Link to evergreen classic below photograph


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